Sunday, March 10, 2019


Happy new week! We are closing in on the first quarter of 2019! I am so super excited because I use quarter endings to review my goals. Mainly because you can not expect what you do not inspect in life. Right?? However, this is the time when distractions will try to come in and attack your thought life. My solution is to always find a way to distract my distractions..haha:) Well, that takes being aware of the biggest distractions we face then overriding it with incredible focus and unwavering faith!

Time Time is one of our greatest gifts God has given us. ...but our thoughts will try to distract us with memories of the time we have lost. Well I have found it is more productive to focus on time you have left in life when trying to reach goals and dreams:)

Past Our past is another distraction because it will hold you hostage and lock you out of your future. I found It is too stressful to live in the past and equally stressful worrying about the future. The only moment that matters is now! ...and how focused and determined we show up in this present moment! I look in the past for the life lessons but direct all my energy presently for God's blessings!

Age Most times people feel they are too young or too old to fulfill their purpose in life. Well, you are never too old to learn and never too young to teach. Most importantly  God overrides age with the faith of a person. Therefore, never let your faith grow tired because it ages and distracts you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

Words  God said our words can bring life or death. This is a beautiful reminder to keep our thoughts and words obedient to what is good. The bible is the greatest example of how words can transform if you believe and commit to succeed. I choose to override negative thoughts with positive ones because ultimately it affects what flows from the mouth. Keep speaking greatness into existence!

Money!  Last but definitely not least is the fact that money can distract if you allow it. I have a passion for teaching about the flow of money because it can distract people from living out what God has placed in them. God says when you are faithful in the smaller matters then it determines if you will be faithful in the larger ones. Therefore, place value on how you handle your finances whether big or small. ...especially since we trade our precious gift of time for it. Remember God sometimes gives the vision before the provision that is why every committment needs focus and faith!

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As always,thank you for your support and have a blessed rest of the week!


Sunday, February 17, 2019


Happy Sunday! Over the past 12 months I have focused on making little changes daily. Change is not an overnight process however  it does happen every single day with focus and discipline. ...and most importantly strength from the almighty God!


I no longer freeze my meats. This was a challenge initially because for years I would stock up on meat and freeze it. Well if I look at my mindset then on a deeper level it was very different than now. I was operating in a mindset of lack verses abundance because I was focused on the wrong things like quantity of groceries verses the quality of the items . Now, I only buy unfrozen meat from my local organic market and I never store it in the freezer.  I am definitely not an expert but I feel by not freezing my meat and produce I am preserving the  neccessary nutrients in it.


I am a constant water drinker. Therefore, up until this year you would always find me carrying a bottle of water in my hand or purse. Now, I drink my filtered water from my refrigerator when at home. Then when I go out I carry my glass bottle like in the picture below. ...why glass? If it safer than the plastic according to a lot of experts. Oh, I also only store things in glass containers verses plastics.


In addition to having a well curated closet wadrobe, I am on a journey to only buying natural fibers like silk, cotton, etc. I am not sure if I will get there 100% but I am working towards at leat 50% of my wardrobe. I was so motivated to do this after learning the cons of synthetic fibers. For me, what I put on my body is just as important as what I put into my body.

Vitamins and minerals

Last, I focus daily on getting my vitamins and minerals. Everything is being processed so differently and quickly than many years ago. Life is so fast paced! Therefore , in my opinion a lot of  our vitamins and minerals are lost. Therefore, I take a liquid supplement daily. I chose liquid because I feel it easily absorbed into my body. Again, I am not an expert:) ...just a woman aspiring to change one day at a time.

Well, these are a few areas I am striving to change in addition to building and sharing my faith daily through God's word. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week ahead!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019






Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, February 9, 2019



                                                 Denim shirt




Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Happy Tuesday! It feels so great to be writing another blog post:) I pulled out my camera, tripod and I am super excited to do it all again in 2019! The bible encourages us to find our gifts and use it to honor God. Well, this space is one of the many places God allows me to use my gift and share it with others. 

My personal style philosophy has always been quality pieces that can be re purposed for many events and seasons. I brought this blazer years ago as part of a suit and it has repeatedly served as a great third layer for my winter outfits. Do you love an item like this that can take you from day to night and weekdays to weekends with little thought and effort? That is what a great suit does for me and my lifestyle. Now, I do  spend a little more upfront on a quality suit but as a result I shop less. Not to mention I save time which is one of God's greatest gift.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week!!

Monday, October 15, 2018


Happy Monday and happy new week! One of the biggest setbacks for most people are their thoughts. Our lives tend to move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. We all experience negative situations at some point in our lives; however only positive thoughts can bring about positive solutions.

The reason I am so protective over my thoughts is because that is how negativity gains access to your life. You have to develop a barrier to negativity and that is called mental toughness. There are a few ways I protect my thoughts. I invest time daily into becoming better in the inside. It maybe a few minutes reading, praying or when I'm exercising I spend time listening to a positive motivating messages. I also write in my journal because that is my safe place to build my positive thoughts. I even carry around a mini journal so when I have free time throughout the day I can write down encouraging thoughts.  Whatever it is I'm obsessed with a good heart and healthy thoughts. The key to all of this is not only to learn it but to live it out in a positive way.

I constantly throughout the day literally stop and ask myself... "what are you thinking" If I discover that my current thoughts are not in line with where I want to go in life and the person I desire to be then I instantly replace that thought. This process keeps my most positive thoughts close to me and tells negativity there is no space available. Remember you have to inspect what you expect to happen in your life.

I pray this day is a blessed day for you !Thank you for stopping by!

Dress: Vince camuto
Blazer: Antonio Melani
Glasses: Versace

Monday, October 8, 2018


I hope everyone is having an awesome month so far! My goal is to share the extended version of today's message very soon in English and Spanish to a wide audience of people. However, today I will only focus on few key points. I developed a new friendship yesterday and our conversation was based on "changes for the overall good." I really get inspired when God connects  me with people I can I have deep thought provoking conversations with.

As we are entering the last quarter of 2018, this is such a great month to reflect on the past but most importantly prepare for the changes of the future. If you have not crossed off everything on your 2018 list then remember that allowing yourself to remain in the past will always cause worry. The only thing that reduces that stress is focusing on what you can do now in the present. Therefore a few tips on changes that can be implemented NOW:

1) Self develop today! That just means mediate on the good things, read things to build your confidence and faith, or listen to faith building messages. The key focus is to become the BEST YOU today...tomorrow will be too late!

2) Write down what needs to be done now! Have you ever gone to the store and said "I forgot what I came to get!" Well that's how quickly your commitments get lost when you do not write them down somewhere on paper, cell phone, I pad, or a of those will work:) Remember VISUALIZATION  brings things to REALIZATION

3) Take ACTION! Taking action does not mean that you will not experience failure along the way or see immediate positive just means you're taking the necessary steps towards making things happen along with a vision for your life and the faith to fulfill it!

I pray this will help someone to find COURAGE & TO NOT BE AFRAID about your journey today in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Have a blessed new week!

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