Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Suit: Antonio Melani, Shirt: White House Black Market

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to spend some time talking about one of the biggest investments you will ever have in life....IT'S YOURSELF!! I have simple rules I follow to make sure my time investing in myself gets a good return. Lets call it the ABC rule:

A... always pay yourself first...10% or more of your income must go into a savings account for your future. I just feel if I am going to work for money then money must also be working for me! This will not only impact you but if you get great at saving then the wealth accummulated can impact generations to come.( later I will give tips on simple ways to save)
B...be excited. Now I know some days may be hard but find 1 positive thing in your life then share that one thing with someone else..and be excited doing it:) You just may cause that person to get excited as well.
C...Commit to excellence in all you do. I am definitely not the best at everything... so things I have committed to doing I just give it my all. As a parent I never want to ask my children to be all they can be in life; however, I never tried to be all I could be in life. ..so that's why I commit strongly to excellence in things I know I am capable of doing. If I fail then at least I tried my best and I can learn from the failure going forward.

Well thanks for reading Tiny Tiff Talks:) I hope something in the ABC rule helps you as well.