Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tiny Tiff Talks

 Dress: Antonio Melani; Jacket: Gianni Bini, Shoes: Aldo(old), sunglasses:Michael Kors

Happy Tuesday! I would like to dedicate today on my blog to talk about one thing I learned in life...guess I will call it TINY TIFF TALKS:)

I feel the time God has blessed me with is so valuable. However it is so easy at the end of the day to ask yourself "where did my day go?"or" why cant I get it all done?". Therefore if you constantly ask yourself these questions then start tracking all your daily activities. It is truly an eye opening experience when you can see how you spend every hour of your day..
1)Get a daily appointment book. Nothing expensive but one that at least starts at  7 am ends at 7pm.
2) Write EVERYTHING you do from morning to night next to each time. Do this process for minimum a week but if you want to get in tune with how you spend your time then do it even longer.
3)After that week review how you spent each day. I guarantee you will find some wasted time and energy that can be redirected.. For example, I found my two hours of  daily TV time was the time I complained I didn't have to exercise. I just had to make a choice which one was more important to me. Oh, I also found out those busy days on my schedule...were just busy days doing things pushing me away verses toward my goals and dream.
I use a concept similar to this when teaching my clients how to manage their finances but Ill save that for another day. Well hope these tips helps someone! Have a super day!


  1. These are great tips! I've been getting better with time management, but there are still days on occasion where I'm wondering where the time went, haha. By the way, I love that jacket, especially the back of it!