Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Today is a tip on procrastinating. I am all against procrastinating but I do believe there are times that you must procrastinate. When you are about to make a financial decision that has a possibility to set you back financially then stop and think through it. You may have to take some time to do this but it is worth it if the decision could prevent a financial crisis. For example, you want that dream 
home and you may even deserve it but take some time to think it through. If you are financing this home which  is typically  30 years , you might add 30 to your current age and say wow I don't want to be that old and still in you may decide Ill wait until I can get a 10 or 15 year loan that way I can get out of debt early and enjoy life while your still young...or you may decide to buy that home with cash and say the heck with financing:) Either way empowering your decisions with a little extra thought can only help.  Well  thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this tiny tiff tip helps.

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