Monday, November 24, 2014

Suit up & Save

A few tiny tiff's tips on saving to prepare for the holidays.

1) Budget what percentage of your income you will
 spend on gifts
                                          2) Look for gift cards that you can purchase at a discount.
                       3) A simple card is always a great way to brighten someone's holiday season

4) Try a 6 week challenge to saving $50 each week. May not be a lot but remember that 50% of the people in America have less than $500-$1000 in savings. That's $300 extra bucks you will have to start your new years goals and dreams! Of course, build from there.
I hope these tiny tiff's tips help someone and thank you for reading

pants: Express (old), sweater: Calvin Klein, jacket: Gianni Bini, boots: Mia

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