Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tiny tiff talk: zip wrap dress

Time last monthly tiny tiff talk for 2014.  Next time we talk again it will be a new year filled with new goals and dreams. If you read my tip last month on saving throughout the holidays and it's working then pat yourself on the back for making a decision that you will save. 

As you prepare for a new year towards financial success, the first step is making a decision mentally that you will change. The rest is easy:) Once the decision is made, you have to start to monitor your expenses and develop a budget you will stick to. Budgeting is just a way to make sure you are making a profit financially verses a loss. As a former accountant, this was the time of the year I would help businesses to develop a budget that they would monitor regularly to make sure they were 
controlling expenses and making profits. Controlling expenses and budgeting is an essential step in your financial plan.

Please do not forget to budget yourself as an expense. You must pay yourself first. You must save money for you because no one else will do it. If this is a challenge because you never paid yourself first and you keep dipping into what you have saved.....then automatically let minimum 10% of your income go into an account that is not easy to access. Oh an important tip is when you receive a bonus or extra money challenge yourself to save all of this money because it will boost your savings. If you were living without that bonus then chances are you can continue to live without it. Last, remember to stay encouraged. It's great if you find a good support group  
Keep reading blogs like mine so you can keep getting tips on financial success.  It's 
all trial and error. You will make mistakes financially but learn from that mistake quickly and keep going. You can do it! Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. 

Dress & necklace:Caché

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