Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Prints and patterns dress

Happy Tuesday! 

The colors and patterns in this dress immediately grabbed my attention. I added a thin belt to give it a more polished look. However, it looked ok without one.

I chose simple jewlry like my studs and a thin watch. The dress is busy enough!

I think I may hem the dress just a little or shrink in dryer  because longer dresses tend to overpower my petite frame. regardless of how expensive or cheap an item of clothing is and this is not a break the bank dress:)  I still tend to 1) examine the quality of the pieces then 2) ask myself what benefit this item could add to my wardrobe then I consider purchasing it. ...because I never want to purchase something I don't really need or that can not add value. That would be wasted funds that could have been used to boost my investment accounts and my readers know serious Tiny Tiff is when it concerns saving for your financial future.

I really enjoy recreating different looks with clothes so I think I'll have fun with this dress. Well enjoy this beautiful day and thank you for stopping by.

Dress: Target  Belt: Borrowed from my Tahari dress watch:Michael Kors