Friday, March 6, 2015

Growing assets: Stripe dress

Dress: Antonio Melani, Shoes: Sam Edelmen

Happy Friday! I really love my blog and most importantly I love my followers as I took these pictures in the rain. I really was attracted to this dress. I think how versatile it is attracted me most. I can really see pairing this dress with a navy blazer , structured bag, and some dark heels for a more chic corporate look.  
I was very surprised that I purchased this dress. I normally don't shop much I just add a few key items each season to my wardrobe. However, if you looked in my closets then you wouldn't believe that:)  Well I do this because I love saving as much if not more than spending. I found a tip that works for me is only purchase a few items each year that I really need and compliments my wardrobe. These few items may be more expensive but they will last longer. Therefore I don't shop just trends all the time but for my own personal style. This way of shopping helps because I am not always focused on spending  and I can use my money to create more assets and grow. 
Well I hope my tiny tiff tip helped and thanks for stopping by and have a super weekend! 

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