Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tiny Tiff Talk: Better choices

Blazer: Ann Taylor, skirt:Cache, shirt: The Limited, shoes: Michael Kors

I made a decision last year after remodeling my closet not to fill it up with clothes just because I had the space and it looked pretty but to have a functional space where I truly utilized what I had. This process helped me to learn more about my choices.  I always preach to others concerning their finances to use what God has blessed you with but it seemed as if I was not doing the same when it came to my clothing purchases. ..such a simple area often overlooked.
Well I decided to remove anything I knew I was not going to wear anymore and put away to donate.   I also separated things that I loved but for some reason I never wore. I realized I had a lot of pieces like this such as this floral blazer I brought several years ago.  I said this year I planned to wear those things and not have them taking up space in my closet. I guess removing the clutter from my closet also uncluttered my thoughts:)  Of course, I still shop, had a great time shopping yesterday but now when I purchase things I ask myself how can I incorporate this with what I currently have and will I truly wear it. If the answer is no then I leave it in the store then whatever I was going to spend I invest it...because I look at it like I just saved myself money towards my financial goals and dreams. Thanks for reading and as always your support!

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