Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tiny tiff talk: Save

Skirt:Ann Taylor, shirt:Candies, shoes: Guess, bag:Kate Spade watch:Michael Kors

I was super excited to find this skirt. It is currently 30% off at Ann Taylor. I love a great deal and finding ways to save money. I'm all about saving money just in case money has to one day save me. Therefore, I wanted to share a few tips to save:
1) check to make sure you have the best cell phone plan. Don't pay for features you don't need.
2) Turn off lights and get a programmable thermostat. Now I know it may not save you thousands but when you are fighting to build a savings or retirement plan then every little bit counts
3) plan and prepare your meals. This will not only save your pockets but it can help your overall health which is more important.
4) last evaluate any memberships that are going unused. If you are not using it then lose it. Take that amount and pay yourself each month.
well I hope these tips helped and as always thanks for your support!


  1. These are some very helpful tips and I like that you said, "One day maybe money will save me". Very cute. You look lovely and your tote bag is a perfect accessory to this look.