Sunday, July 5, 2015

Change the route: Yellow meets fringe

  Hi! Today's look was inspired by my journey mentioned in the April's blog post of utilizing the items I have in my closet currently. It was very easy at first then I started getting anxious about going on a big shopping spree. I was  quickly reminded why I even started this journey  which is to not be wasteful  anymore and enjoy the things I am currently blessed with. I pulled out some old items and started getting inspired. It started with the fringe shoes I brought about 5 years then I add a light ruffle mesh dress that I absolutely adore.

 I wanted to add a kiss of color so I went for this yellow jacket I brought years ago from Cache. The store used to sell really cute items but over the years the quality changed and eventually the company was sold.

 Last, is the first Brahmin bag of many that I have brought. I really love the quality of these bags. Oh, I cant forget I made my earrings. I only make jewelry as a hobby because it relaxes me and gives me a little me time too. This day of playing with my favorites was a reminder of how good it feels to not be so impulsive or anxious about anything. My financial future is being secured by the choices I make or more importantly the ones I do not make.

 Well lesson learned is that the destination may not seem too encouraging at times but don't be so quick to abandon the mission... just be inspired to make changes to the route and maybe you will see a whole new perspective .

As always thank you so much for your continued support! Good day!

Jacket: Cache
Dress: Kenneth Cole
shoes: Nadara
bag: Brahmin
watch & glasses: Michael Kors