Friday, August 14, 2015

Brooklyn love: Florals

This particular day was filled with visiting beautiful spots in Brooklyn. I chose to wear this  floral dress. This dress was so cool and comfortable.

I started the day at the Prospect Park zoo. The park tour ended with a viewing of a 200 year old historic home. I learned tons of interesting facts about the people of New York during this time.


Afterwards, I went to the farmers market to do some shopping. The peaches were delicious!

Across from the market  I found a great spot to take pictures. There were tons of people playing in the fountain water, taking wedding pictures, and just relaxing enjoying the view!

I also visited the Brooklyn library. I absolutely love how people were enjoying outside the library just as much as they were the inside.  People were laying out on the steps reading or enjoying the company of family and friends. The scenery was so inviting as there were several tables outside and people were sitting down watching a play being performed by a local drama group.

It was so great to feel the love of Brooklyn. As always thank you for your support! Happy weekend!
Dress: Jessica Simpson
glasses & watch: Michael Kors


  1. You look gorgeous in that pretty dress! Love the heels too! :)

    Brooklyn looks like a fun place! Did you walk the whole day in those shoes? Respect! :)

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    1. Lol thanks! You know I tried and I was the only person in heels:)...but no I kept a pair of comfy flats in my bag . Thanks and Good day