Friday, August 28, 2015

Tinytiff Talk: Dark print dress

Dress: One clothing similar
shoes: Tory Burch here

Happy Friday! I was really attracted to the dark print on the dress. I also adore that I can add a leather jacket and some ankle boots to create an on the go fall look. My plan was to alter this dress because its a size small and fits slightly too big. However, I like how flowy it is and I did not want to change the structure of the dress.

I wanted to share a tip on shopping as we are approaching the holiday season. A lot of businesses will be offering special discounts if you sign up for their store credit card. This is a great perk but if you are not great just yet at paying off credit cards within 30 days of incurring the charge then do not sign up. The interest you will pay on store cards is very high; therefore, it is not worth the extra money you will pay in the long term.

Now, a better solution would be to carry cash with you at all times. This way if you do get tempted to accept one of those offers then you can immediately pay off the balance of what you charged. As mentioned here this is the season most people get into debt so plan ahead when shopping so you can end 2015 on the road to financial success. Well thank you so much for your support. Happy weekend!


  1. I've heard that in the US.. you actually need to use credit card to build up a decent credit rating. That is very different from the Netherlands. It's too bad Dutch credit card don't really have a reward program.. otherwise I'd use it a lot!

    Also, you look great in that dress! Still in the summer mood! :)

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    1. Hi! Hope you are well! Thank you for your comment! Good day!

  2. Beautiful dress!