Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I am super excited about my first fall look.  My best investment pieces for fall are sweaters and cardigans. After redoing my closet I got rid of all my sweaters except for 3. Yes 3! I held on to this one because season after season it has kept me warm on those fall mornings and nights. I ordered a new cardigan that I can not wait to receive to cover my dresses that I am bringing with me into the fall season.

My booties definitely have some age on them but they are so comfy. When not in use I stuff them with tissue paper and cover with plastic bags and store in its original box. ..just a little tip on how I care for my shoes to keep them looking fresh! I was so tempted to purchase some new black suede booties; however, I am staying true to my 2015 challenge of only adding new pieces if I need them. I am not allowing the chill of autumn and my love of fashion to distract me from my plan.

Lets make it a good season of fashion, fun, and finances! Thank you as always for your support!!!

sweater: 525 America(old) current season here
cami: Karen Kane similiar here
romper: Bebe(old) current season here
boots: Vince cumuto similiar  now here
watch: Citizens
belt: old


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  2. Tiff, I'm soo in love with your hair. You look so gorgeous in all your photos! Keep it coming my beautiful fashionista! :=)

  3. Yes, it did and it isn't playing around. You look so chic in the jumpsuit and the long sweater gives it a cool pop of color. Gorgeous my friend!