Friday, September 11, 2015

Emergency: Tinytiff Talk

pants: Michael Kors
shirt: Van Heusen(old)
heels: Sam Edelman (old)

I absolutely adore how a blazer can add to a look! I always keep one in each of my cars along with a pair of pumps just in case I have a last minute appointment or an event to attend. Ive mentioned before that I believe everyone should have an emergency fund. I guess in the fashion world a blazer is apart of my emergency fund:)
An emergency fund is a critical piece in securing your financial future. An emergency fund is where you save for unexpected events or expenses. This fund at a minimum should consist of 3 to 6 months of your salary. Therefore, if you lose your job you have enough time and money to find another job or if your car needs to be repaired you will have the funds needed. Most importantly this fund will prevent you from having to use your long term savings that you have for retirement. Only 40% of the people in America have enough money set aside for financial emergencies and that is a big problem.

Therefore to build an emergency fund:
1) try reducing your spending and increase you savings.
2) If needed create additional income to fund this account. 
3) Only use this fund for real emergencies
4) Set up a specific amount each pay period to direct deposit into this fund.

Whatever you do pay yourself first and realize savings is a form of self-respect. You can do it but the change must start within you first.

Well thank you for reading and as always for your continued support.


  1. OMG, this is awesome awesome post, Tiffany!!! You are so smart. Great advice! Love this look, btw. Always beautiful and polished! :D

  2. Very smart girl! Love how you twisted it from blazer to finance in one second, hahaha. Very nice! Love the business chic attire.