Thursday, September 24, 2015


Oprah was asked once whats the best part of being rich and she responded "owning property." That totally changed my mindset in terms of my financial plan to accumulate wealth. Therefore, when I walked out of the lawyers office after signing my closing documents I put together a plan to own my home as quick as possible. I was so motivated to experience ownership of something that appreciated in terms of value. Therefore, I wanted to share a few steps to owning your home:
1) Immediately get set up on a biweekly plan. This could save 5 to 6 years and tons of interest.
2) As you get a pay increase, bonus, or extra funds pay additional on the principal. It's worth it. For me the extra shopping I gave up was worth the future reward of ownership.
3) When rates are low refinance. Beware not to increase your years left on the mortgage so specify you only want a lower interest and payment if possible. The extra savings is additional you could use towards the principal of the home.
These simple steps can reduce a 30 year mortgage to 10 or 15 years. Now add that number to your current age and determine if it's worth it. 
Well thank you for taking time to read and as always I appreciate your support!

Top & skirt: old
Shoes: Vince Cumuto (I am loving current season here)
 bag: lucky brand: leather one here


  1. You're the epitome of BEAUTY!! Love this look! You are such an inspiration, Tiff! Glad I found you :D

  2. Very chic casual outfit. The handbag is simply gorgeous and so versatile :)

    Lu |

  3. Love the outfit! :)

    And yes, in most cases.. it's good to own property. It does however make it harder to move away. Fortunately, that's not yet an issue! :)

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  4. You are owning this look! You look gorgeous! Great tips and motivation! It's really is rewarding to own your own property.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

    xo, jackie

    1. As always thank you Jackie! Wishing you a great week ahead!

  5. You really rock it in everything you choose to wear Tiff! And wise tips - more power to you!


  6. Cute look as always, Tiff! Very Fall appropriate =) Enjoy your week ahead!

  7. You surely owned this outfit. Loving the ankle boots.
    Thanks for the tips, Sissy.