Saturday, November 28, 2015



Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend! There are so many great deals but I am resisting the temptation and staying true to my 2015 goals! Have you thought about your 2015 goals? I read mine everyday to the point where I truly believe I will achieve all of them...or get darn close to it:) Some days it can all get overwhelming but I constantly remind myself that the race is not always for the swift it is sometimes for those that can endure! ...and I continue having fun each day trying to pursue them. If you can't enjoy the journey then I don't feel it's the right path.

One of my goals is to utilize items I have in my closet. Therefore, I shopped my closet and found this gold print dress. I feel it's perfect for the holidays. I may have to wear a faux vest or coat over this dress next time because weather is getting cooler. This past summer I purchased this rose gold crossbody. I was really torn between black and this rose gold but I thought rose gold could add a little pizzazz to my fall weekend looks & transition well from season to season.

Well thank you as always for reading, supporting and your kind words. Happy weekend!

 boots: Jessica Simpson(old)
Purse: Coach

Monday, November 23, 2015


The options seem endless when it comes to choosing a jacket. It can be quite overwhelming to find one but a coat can really update a look. I am not a big fan of pairing wool jackets that are not the same length as the dress I am wearing. However, it's not too cold yet so I just keep my jacket unbutton to create a more vertical look. 
Well thanks for reading and have a great week!

Jacket:Banana Republic, dress: Antonio Melani, Shoes: GX, bag: Brahmin, glasses: Michael Kors


Happy Monday! Most alarming fact is 60% of people in America don't have $1000 for emergencies and during this time people still feel compelled to spend verses save more. I understand because we live in a world where more equals more but I feel less in terms of spending can create more. Therefore, I wanted to share how I saved my first $5,000 in my emergency fund. From that point, I  committed to continue a lifestyle of saving and I celebrated every time I would increase my emergency fund by $5,000. Always great to celebrate and be encouraged by the small successes along the way! I have been on my own financially until marriage since age 15 when I left home to go to college so my biggest money lessons were developed over the years by me and my willingness to learn from my money failures & successes. 

1. I mentally made a decision that the biggest bill I would pay would be myself. Therefore my spending plan had a category called "my future." I'm very visual so seeing this line item everyday motivated me to see what my financial future could be and it increased my belief that I deserved a better financial future. 

2. I fell in love again with things I currently had and found ways to use those things and not buy more stuff. I still spent money because savings shouldn't be a burden but not without first asking myself "is this worth buying" and "how will it affect my financial plan." I used to feel so great when I was spending and over time I grew that same excitement for savings.

3. I reduced my recurring expenses. If you have been following me you know I believe that there is a lot to be saved by evaluating your recurring expenses. 

4. I had to put my savings on auto pilot and each month have a percentage transferred into savings....out of sight out of mind! This was tough for me at first and I think that's why I developed the cash on hand system but the more I saved the more I was encouraged to keep doing the right things.

5. Great support system. I believe you are an average of the people you spend your time with. Therefore, I spent time around people that were not only making money but saving money. They valued their money & they valued securing their financial future. It all kept me encouraged to do the same. 

6. Trust God! I realized God was blessing me with all I needed. I just had to prioritize my wants.

I know there are many ways to save but the most important thing  is to" just do it." Well have a beautiful week ahead and as always thank you for your support!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


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Happy Wednesday!

Dress: old
Shoes: GX
bag: Coach

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Dress: Antonio Melani, shoes: GX, jacket: old

Have you ever had a feeling of " why did it take me so long to get it!" I've had that feeling about many things in life and I have determined that everything has a season of learning. ..however, the key is don't take forever to learn the lesson and apply it to your life.

In terms of fashion, it has taken me some time but I have fallen in love with trading out my blazers on occasions for moto jackets or just a plain leather jacket and pairing it with my dresses or my tweed skirts for fall.  It spices up the traditional business look just a little. Well lesson learned do what feels right, when the time is right and it all should create happiness!

Thanks again for your support! Happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to experience a little sunshine and warm weather after days of much needed rain. I chose this silk blouse because these blouses are so versatile and can be styled a vast amount of ways. A silk blouse in my opinion goes beyond classic and the more creative you pair it the more it stands out. I went for a typical office style on this day. When I left my accounting career five years ago to build my own successful business I knew I needed three things:

1. Money saved because I never wanted to be forced backed into the workforce while pursuing my goals and dreams.

2. Strong faith in God and to self develop daily.

3. Versatile & classic clothing wardrobe so I could of course look sharp when meeting with my clients:).. but most importantly so I wasn't tempted to spend all the profits I was making from my business.

Therefore, investing in classic items is always a must for me. ..check out how I styled this silk blouse ON THIS DAY for those more casual times by adding texture. I would love to hear some of your classic must have items as well.

As always thank you for reading and your kind comments are always appreciated. Great week ahead to you.

Blouse old, skirt: Ann Taylor, shoes: Pour la Victoire

Friday, November 6, 2015


Shirt: Ann Taylor, skirt: Antonio Melani, shoes: Sam Edelman, purse: Black House White Market

Happy Friday! When in doubt I go for black skirt, white shirt and a splash of color. ...more like splash of leopard on this day. I've heard that a white shirt is a must have but all white shirts are not made equal. I do agree it's a must have item and a crisp white shirt can update any look... but the work comes in when you have to find the styles that flatter you most. I almost didn't purchase this wrap shirt because I'm 
very petite and the loose fit tends to overpower my frame. However, I thought it would be okay if I kept it more fitted on bottom like I did with this pencil skirt. Now the challenge is finding a fitted white shirt:) As always thanks for supporting! Happy weekend 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Happy Wednesday! I have an undying love for pencil skirts. These skirts can seem very conservative but I love how versatile they can be.  I enjoy dressing it down with a sweater for a more casual feel and I added a scarf for a bit of color. I adore how the boots give the look a little edge. ..since I chose ankle boots I paired with a skirt above the knee for some added leg length. Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

Skirt: Ann Taylor, shirt:Loft, scarf: Macys, boots: Vince Camuto, glasses: Michael Kors

Monday, November 2, 2015


Jacket: Gianni Binni
scarf: Target
turtle neck: Loft
glasses: Michael Kors
pants: similar here
clutch: Clare Vivier

My go to look most of the time is dress & pumps. However, after shopping my closet I found these cute flares and instantly got that new purchase feeling:). I had these flares for years and I invested more money than usual because I wanted a pair that would last for years to come. I mostly pair flares with a simple tee and platforms. ..since I developed a passion for scarves lately I added this dark floral scarf that compliments the look so well and a blazer for a more polished look. As I close out 2015  it has been an adventure to shop my closet more and get creative with my looks. Well thanks for stopping by!

Have a super week and as always thank you so much for your support!