Monday, November 23, 2015


Happy Monday! Most alarming fact is 60% of people in America don't have $1000 for emergencies and during this time people still feel compelled to spend verses save more. I understand because we live in a world where more equals more but I feel less in terms of spending can create more. Therefore, I wanted to share how I saved my first $5,000 in my emergency fund. From that point, I  committed to continue a lifestyle of saving and I celebrated every time I would increase my emergency fund by $5,000. Always great to celebrate and be encouraged by the small successes along the way! I have been on my own financially until marriage since age 15 when I left home to go to college so my biggest money lessons were developed over the years by me and my willingness to learn from my money failures & successes. 

1. I mentally made a decision that the biggest bill I would pay would be myself. Therefore my spending plan had a category called "my future." I'm very visual so seeing this line item everyday motivated me to see what my financial future could be and it increased my belief that I deserved a better financial future. 

2. I fell in love again with things I currently had and found ways to use those things and not buy more stuff. I still spent money because savings shouldn't be a burden but not without first asking myself "is this worth buying" and "how will it affect my financial plan." I used to feel so great when I was spending and over time I grew that same excitement for savings.

3. I reduced my recurring expenses. If you have been following me you know I believe that there is a lot to be saved by evaluating your recurring expenses. 

4. I had to put my savings on auto pilot and each month have a percentage transferred into savings....out of sight out of mind! This was tough for me at first and I think that's why I developed the cash on hand system but the more I saved the more I was encouraged to keep doing the right things.

5. Great support system. I believe you are an average of the people you spend your time with. Therefore, I spent time around people that were not only making money but saving money. They valued their money & they valued securing their financial future. It all kept me encouraged to do the same. 

6. Trust God! I realized God was blessing me with all I needed. I just had to prioritize my wants.

I know there are many ways to save but the most important thing  is to" just do it." Well have a beautiful week ahead and as always thank you for your support!


  1. Gorgeous jacket! So need it!


    1. Thanks Sofia. Very old and can't let go:) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Again.. great tips! Especially the one about automatic saving! :)

    Love those boots, girl! :)

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