Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I hope everyone is having an awesome month so far! This is such a great month to reflect on the past but most importantly prepare for what lies ahead. If you didn't cross off everything on your 2015 list then remember the past will always cause worry if you focus too much on it. The only thing that reduces that stress is focusing on what you can do now in the present. Therefore a few tips that can be done NOW:

1) Self develop today! That just means mediate on the good things, read things to build your confidence and faith, or listen to faith building messages. The key focus is to become the BEST YOU today...tomorrow will be too late!

2) Write down what needs to be done now! Have you ever gone to the store and said "I forgot what I came to get!" Well that's how quickly your commitments get lost when you do not write them down somewhere on paper, cell phone, I pad, or a napkin will work:) Remember VISUALIZATION  brings things to REALIZATION

3) Take ACTION! Taking action does not mean that you will not experience failure or see immediate positive results....it just means your taking the necessary steps towards making things happen because you now have a vision for your life and the faith to fulfill it!

I pray this will help someone to find COURAGE & HAPPINESS in what you are doing today in pursuit of a better tomorrow! Happy week ahead and blessings to you. Thank you so much for your support!!

Jacket: Pure Sugar (old), skirt: Calvin Klein(altered), shoes: Vince Camuto, blouse & clutch: old


  1. I agree with you that you have to take advantage of TODAY! We are all guilty of procrastination but tomorrow isn't promised. The longer we take to take action to longer it'll be before we see results. I love this post it's very inspirational!

    Only The Brave Blog

  2. My gorgeous super friend Tiffany... you look amazing as always! Love the pop of yellow in this look. Great styling!!! Have a wonderful day!
    much love, Len ❤️

  3. Great pointers, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing, beautiful. Gorgeous!