Monday, December 26, 2016


Happy Monday! The holiday weather is incredible and perfect opportunity to mix winter textures!

"Remember there is nothing more important than where you currently are so do your best to always remain positive and stay true to who you are..."

Have a beautiful week ahead!

Antonio Melani cashmere sweater  (here)
Faux leather skirt ( here)
Suede open toe pumps ( similar here)
Ralph Lauren bag ( here)
Versace center sunglasses  (here)

Friday, December 23, 2016


Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Black peplum dress (similar)
red pumps ( similar)
Coach leather bag ( similar)
Versace glasses ( similar
Silk neck scarf (similar)

Monday, December 19, 2016


"It's never too early and definitely never too late to start over and find true joy in each and every day..."

Have a wonderful week filled with love and blessings!

Loft cable sleeve sweater( here )
Coach scarf ( here )
Lauren Conrad jeans ( here)
Sam Edelman hazel pump ( here)
Versace sunglasses ( here )

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Happy Wednesday!! Hope you are having a great week, month and year! 

I am so proud and happy for myself that I took three areas in 2016 that I wanted to show God I was approved in and I focused on those areas! I chose only three because when you focus on more than three things then most times you aren't doing anything!

My keys to remaining focused was building my faith everyday. Faith is the core of my focus!!!  I also studied to gain more confidence in those areas I wanted to become an expert in. Last,I developed the ability to stay in prayer and move with what I received in prayer. Therefore, I became great at walking in prayer confidently and constantly!! Oh did I have setbacks? Of course, but I used them as motivation to keep going and not give up!!

Remember don't entertain distractions by doing things unrelated to your focus! Have a blessed rest of the week!

Dress: Antonio Melani
Glasses: Versace
Scarf: Coach
Boot: old
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Citizens

Sunday, December 11, 2016


..locate the source of stress then allow the spirit of peace & joy to take care of the rest..

Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!!!

Ann Taylor turtleneck  ( here)
Lauren Conrad jeans ( here )
Versace butterfly glasses ( here)
Macys pearls ( here)
Sophie Max suede open front vest ( here)
Furla Metropolis satchel ( here)
Shoes sold out ( similar)

Friday, December 9, 2016


Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week so far. It's turtleneck weather! This look is all about my favorites! Turtlenecks are a buffer until the weather gets extremely cold and I love wearing my favorite pearls over a cozy turtleneck .  I regret not purchasing these shoes in black because they have carried me from season to season. This satchel has become a favorite as well. I was instantly attracted to the design and quality of it. Last, but not least is my love of pencil skirts and the infinite ways you can style them!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend filed with love and blessings! 

Ann Taylor turtleneck ( here)
Ann Taylor pencil skirt ( here)
Ralph Lauren Geo block zip satchel  (here )
Sam Edelman ankle strap heels ( similar here )
Versace butterfly glasses ( here)

Monday, December 5, 2016


Happy new week!

" Complete joy inside will always override the act to compare what's outside"

Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Antonio Melani blazer
Cynthia Rowley sequin skirt (similar here)
Sam Edelman Hazel pump( sold here)
Versace butterfly glasses ( similar here)

Friday, December 2, 2016


Hi! Happy December! This is a great time to start preparing for the future and do some retirement planning. Most people fail to plan! I don't believe in stressing over the future just implementing a few simple steps along the way that may help if you are blessed to see tomorrow. The  process of investing is slightly different than just saving for an emergency fund.  I've talked a lot on the blog about having a proper emergency fund so I won't spend much time on that.

 I just want to share three things of many that are important when you decide to invest in your retirement.

1) Discipline!  You must have the discipline when investing money over a certain period of time.  If you are always touching the money for emergencies then when will it ever have time to possibly grow. This is why an emergency fund or other forms of liquid cash is imperative so you have options when financial situations arise. Most importantly I found that discipline only works when desire is present!

2)  Diversification! You've probably heard the saying "do not have all your eggs in one basket."   nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing that's just a risk that you take when seeking a return. However diversifying in different places you place your money can possibly help to minimize risk but remember nothing can eliminate the risk.

3) Last  try to develop a plan that works specifically for your life. Remember everyone's financial goals and dreams are different therefore that makes our actions in how we obtain it slightly different as well. You can build more confidence in your plan by accessing your specific risk tolerance and analyzing the things you hope to achieve in your later years then match that with an action plan customized specifically for you.

Pray you have an awesome month filled with love and blessings! Thank you as always for your support!

Nine West single button blazer ( similar here)
Ann Taylor white wrap blouse ( sold here)
Lauren Conrad mid rise jeans ( similar here )
Coach whiplash tote ( sold here )
Guess booties ( similar here )
Versace butterfly sunglasses ( similar here)

Monday, November 28, 2016


Happy new week! I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the past week at the beach and it was super nice falling asleep and waking up to the music of the ocean.

I packed a lot of easy outfits because I knew a lot of time would be spent on the beach. I wore this outfit to go shopping. The biggest challenge the entire week was making sure I did not waiver from my faith building activities since I was not in my normal space. Therefore, I managed to pull away from all the excitement so I could study some scriptures and journal my thoughts throughout the week. I'm so grateful I was willing  to make time to do this..

That leads me to my quote of the day..." no matter where you are never forget your daily disciplines that have shaped you into the person you are..."

Sophie Max swing dress (similar here)
Vince Camuto booties ( similar here)
Coach whiplash tote ( sold here)
Versace butterfly sunglasses  ( similar here)
Oval twist Gold hoop earrings  ( sold here)
Two tone gold necklace  ( similar here)

Monday, November 21, 2016


Happy new week! I had a beautiful weekend (all praises to God) and I'm looking forward to a more beautiful week ahead. I pray the same for each one of you!

A friend once commented that I never seem affected by problems or challenges. I told her and I will share with all of you...everyone will deal with challenges until the day we die. However, what is so special is how we navigate throughout those challenges and the choices we make to overcome it.

I just choose to remain positive and grateful throughout my challenges. This attitude help me to be less stressed and most importantly I can enjoy life in the "present" moment. Most often stress comes from worrying about one's past or eagerness about what will happen in the future. I am fully aware I can not change either the past or future because that is above the power God has given me. However,  I am in control of how I feel, act, and respond to my life today!! Therefore, I choose to find happiness in the present moment by protecting my heart from negative thoughts and emotions. Honestly this requires a daily discipline but if you desire a life of happiness and joy you will fight to protect your heart and what travels through it.

Well that leads me to my quote for this day " ...In all challenges you may face you have a choice to overcome it positively and step into a life of happiness that is available to receive in this present today"
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

Antonio Melani double breasted blazer (similar here)
Lauren Conrad mid rise jeans ( sold here)
Versace butterfly sunglasses..sold out  ( similar sold here)
oval twist gold hoop earrings  ( sold here)
Two tone gold necklace  ( similar sold here)
Coach whiplash tote ( sold here)
Sam Edelman pointy toe pump ( sold here)

Friday, November 18, 2016


A cute sweater dress is an essential fall item for me. It's  that wardrobe item we all have that creates an instant stylish and cozy look with little effort.

As it gets cooler I'll layer with tights, high boots, and a warm scarf. It will also pair perfectly with jeans for an on the go fabulous look.

I absolutely adore how the ribbed details add texture to this look while the silhouette is so flattering and tailored.

Remember to keep smiling and find joy in every moment!  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Thank you as always for reading!

Guess Krona lace up pumps ( sold here )
Coach logo suede bag ( similar here)
Max Studio Sweater dress ( similar here )
Versace butterfly sunglasses ( similar here )
 Oval twist hoop earrings  ( here)
Two tone gold necklace  ( similar here)
Michael Kors watch... sold out

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to your week! I love taking two versatile and timeless colors like black and blue and making it wearable. 

My quote of the day is " Never conform to the temperature of the room when you have the opportunity to change it!"
 Have a wonderful blessed week! 

Versace butterfly sunglasses...sold out ( similar here )
Oval twist gold hoop earrings  ( here )
Two tone gold necklace  ( similar here )
Antonio Melani blazer (similar here  and here )
Ann Taylor ponte pencil skirt ( current version here )
Sam Edelman hazel pointy toe pump ( here )
Ralph Lauren Geo block zip satchel  ( sold here )

Thursday, November 10, 2016


 I pray you're having a blessed week.  This look was a total shop my closet in honor of the $500 challenge.  Basically every time I get creative and save $500 I will deposit it into a short tem account. I will continue doing this for a year to see how much I can accumulate.  If you have not read the post on the $500 challenge then you can read it here.  There are a few other ways that I have been saving.

1.  I reviewed my cell phone charges and found that I was over paying each month in fees for services I was not even using.

2.  I have two vehicles that I own so instead of driving both throughout the week. I drive one and the other for traveling longer distances.  I have a luxury car so maintenance fees can range anywhere from a thousand to a few thousand dollars depending on the service . My non-luxury car I spend so much less in maintenance fees and fuel which saves me a ton of money.

3.  When I receive my dividend checks off my stocks or I sell shares I normally take some of it and purchase a new expensive item.  I haven't spent any of it lately.

4. I normally take all my loose change at the end of the day and put away and once a year I deposit it all into my short term account. However, I have taken it a step further and any dollar bills I have left in my wallet at the end of the day I stash away as well.

 Well I just wanted to share a few additional ways that I'm saving.  If you have any creative ways that you're saving then please share.  I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Ralph Lauren velvet blazer (similiar options here and here)
Miss Me black skinny jeans ( sold here )
Versace butterfly sunglasses  (on sale here)
Carolee strand necklace ( sold here )
Guess Etta platform pump (sold out similar option here)
 black leather weave clutch ( similar option here)

Monday, November 7, 2016


" The seasons will always change however your faith and endurance must remain the same..."

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!

 Antonio Melani ponte sheath dress (current season )
Mia boots(sold out)  similar
Coach tote  sold here
Versace sunglasses sold here
Citizens watch here
Dillard infinity scarf here

Thursday, November 3, 2016


 Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  Well I wanted to close this week the way I start every week on a happy and positive note. Therefore sharing a few happy tips:

1.  Never allow people or things to steal your joy. Don't focus on the things you lack in life. Instead focus on the abundance of things that you are currently blessed with. Basically have an attitude of gratitude at all times!

2.  Recognize your self-worth! Our decisions are made depending on how we feel about ourselves. Therefore,  it's imperative that you understand how special you are and that your life has a purpose. When you understand your purpose your life becomes much happier and fuller.

3.  Be careful of  the people that  you are around. Negativity is so contagious however on a better note being positive is contagious as well. Overcome negativity with positive thoughts and actions. 

4.  Never tie your happiness to the promises of a future event happening. That will only disappoint you trying to delay your happiness until something in your life happens. If you are thinking " I will be happy when....." then that type of thinking never finds happiness. Happiness is " I am happy in this present moment." Remember happiness is all around you everyday you just have to choose to believe it!

5.   Do not compare yourself and your journey in life to anyone else's journey. It's too time consuming to worry about what others are doing and it will drain your happiness. Now, you must be happy for others and their success because that will protect your heart from any negative emotions. However  seek your own happiness through the journey you are purposely driven to take.

6 .  Last, make sure you are building your faith everyday. When your faith is strong you can rise above anything and most importantly you are better equipped to deal with life in the most positive and stress free way.

 Thank you for reading and as always I appreciate your love and support! Have a blessed weekend!

Vest: similar
skirt: Antonio Melani
shoes: Dolce Vita
purse: Coach

Monday, October 31, 2016


 "Remember your purpose is to secure your never miss an opportunity to express love and kindness toward others in actions and in thoughts..."

Have a wonderful and blessed week!

jacket: similar
shoes: Dolce Vita
glasses: Versace
bag: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Guess
pants: Free People
top: similar

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Happy Thursday! Most of my pieces I am wearing I have had for quite some time and some are still in stock. I have been finding ways to restyle my fall items. Yaay! It's easy to just buy a new item but more challenging to fall in love again with an older item. Especially if you are keeping up with the latest trends which we all adore:) I have saved myself so much money by doing this. More important than the money is the lessons I have found. For example,  "appreciate what you got" or "happiness is all around you."

I always desire to keep this blog as a space to where you can be inspired to be the best you externally but most important internally. I want this to be a place where you are encouraged to make better financial choices. Therefore,  through this process I have started a $500 savings project. I did one last year and accumulated $5000 and I just put the earnings in a short term savings account. Therefore this time I'm starting with $500 and every $500 I save I will pile it into a short term savings account and continue this until this time next year. Short-term savings accounts can be used for any unforeseen events, vacations, shopping sprees,  or anything that you don't want to take money from your retirement or emergency fund money to do.  These accounts can also be interest earning accounts therefore increasing the chances of your money working for you.

 A few ways I'll be coming up with each $500 is by styling items I already have; however, I will still continue to shop because I love handbags and shoes:) I will also find different ways to cut expenses, create ways to generate additional income, or many more creative ways to fund this project. However, the challenge is I will not be using any of my business income to do this. I'm a believer that you can always find ways to save money outside of your regular earnings it just takes some creativity and a focus on financial independence. I extend the opportunity for you to join me as well in this project and please update me on your progress, what you are doing to generate the $500 savings each time, and how you plan to use the money once you reach your 12 month goal.

Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Top: Sophie Max
pants: Antonio Melani
Shoes: Sam Edelman
bag: Furla
sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


"An unguarded heart will be drawn to give into negative emotions that surface near the thoughts...therefore guard your heart with positive  actions & consistently thinking only positive thoughts"

Happy new week! Blessings & love!

Dress: similar
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Bag: Coach
Jacket: similar
Glasses: Versace

Thursday, October 20, 2016


 I hope you are having a wonderful week!  I think a pinstripe suit is a perfect option especially if you are petite like myself because the pinstripes create an elongating effect. The pants are flares but keeping the seams fitted creates a more professional look. This suit is so classic and will never go out of style. The holidays are almost here so a suit like this is so versatile and different pieces can be restyled for holiday parties to reveal your own personal style.

As we are approaching the holidays for most you will be spending more money.  Remember to take time and develop a financial plan to get you through the holidays but most importantly to jumpstart your new year!

Holiday  Survival Plan:

1. Set a limit! Create a budget that you are happy with and most importantly stick to it. You do not want to wake up the day after Christmas in debt. Definitely not an ideal way to start off your new year! I know credit card companies offer rewards for spending; however, if you are not to a point where you can charge something and pay it off immediately then you must resort to a cash budgeting system.

2. Plan in advance! Decide on the best shopping days and take advantage of pre holiday sales. Don't forget that the best sales are before and after the holiday season. You can start planning for next year based on the after holiday season sales as well.

3. Find creative ways to give! If you can bake well then baked goods are always delicious holiday gifts. Our time is one of God's greatest gifts so volunteering to babysit for an overwhelmed parent would be an awesome gift. You can also trim your list by drawing names with family members. Last never assume people know that you care. You can always send a card attached with a heart felt note.

4. Reduce your stress & Enjoy the reason for the season!
Holidays can become very busy with parties, shopping, and still maintaining other commitments. Therefore, utilize your calender so you can stay on task and not over commitment.  The holidays is not about what you do that one time in the year for others it's about the love that you share throughout the entire year. However, if stress levels reach an all time high try taking a walk or doing other forms of exercise so you can relax and reflect on the true reason that we celebrate the season. Remember your thoughts consume you and shape your life. You attract your most dominate thoughts in life. Therefore, stressful thoughts will only attract stress so whatever is in your heart will always appear in your thoughts!

I pray that you have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings and love! Thank you as always for stopping by.

Suit: similar
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Bag: similar
Glasses: Versace

Monday, October 17, 2016


"....Never express concern about where you are...just confidently know your dreams have the ability to take your reality any place it desires to go..."

Have a wonderful & blessed week!!!

Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: similar
Glasses: Versace
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Citizen
Shoes: similar

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Happy Thursday! 

There are some items you may splurge more on like a leather dress on the front end ;however, if you think about the "price per wear" then it's a justifiable purchase. This process allows you to be more conscious about how you invest your earned dollars.

It is too much stress on your mind and your pockets to have to spend on staple items every season if you are not able to get the most wear out of them. The option of only having to update your accessory pieces will free your time and direct your money towards your financial freedom. This is why I absolutely adore a leather dress it's a season to season, versatile and very luxe wardrobe item.  Most people lead busy lives so a one piece item like this creates a quick full look that can take you instantly from day to night depending on the silhouette!

Accessorize with a scarf: I'm not personally into a lot of jewelry except my gold pieces that I have collected over the years.  Therefore, I tend to accessorize most times with other items like this silk tie dye scarf which adds some color and the gold trim in the tote adds a touch of shine to the look. To complete this autumn look I accessorized with my suede heels.

Layer with a blazer: As the weather cools off layering with a blazer creates a polish professional  look.  In the winter months I even layer with a turtle neck for extra warmth. My favorite is my cream or grey blazer. A floral blazer is perfect if you want a more colorful fun look. However because the dress is black I have more options when it comes choosing a blazer. If you want more flexibility with restyling then black, grey, tan and navy leather dresses are great options.  Nothing more chic like accessorizing with a blazer and some leather booties in the colder season.

Off duty look: Another reason why I love the leather dress is because the off-duty options are endless. You can accessorize with a pair of cool sneakers and wool jacket creating an easy on the go weekend look. A bomber jacket would pair well depending on the silhouette of the dress.

Date night: A leather dress takes a lot of thought out of preparing for date night. ...Just add a clutch and your favorite pair of heels for a simple beautiful look.

Remember financial freedom lies in the choices you make with your money. Therefore make choices that represent you best, make you feel your best, and honor the things you are blessed with. Have a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings and love!

Dress: similar
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Bag: Coach
Watch: Citizen
Scarf: similar
Glasses: Versace

Sunday, October 9, 2016


A. .Always keep your vision in front of you, your past behind you,  and carry your faith inside of you

B.. Be consistent in having a positive & growing mindset...

C..Commit to never be content until you are satisfied with the unique person you were created to be..

Have a blessed week!

Blazer: Gianni Bini
Skirt: similar
Tank: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Por la Victoire
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: Versace