Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hi! I hope everyone is having a beautiful week! I incorporated some classic and timeless pieces into this look! My overall style isn't trendy however I do like to add a dash of trend at times. I am just someone that loves to look her greatest from inside out and I wear what brings out the best in me. I find inspiration in fashion from various things but my main source is my inner feelings of how this piece represents the women I am and desire to be!! Well on to my classic pieces...

1. The leather jacket. For me, minimum hardware just simple leather jacket that won't ever go out of style and transitions well from day to night. ...hip length verses crop length is more classic to me.

2. Gold jewelry is a must for me. I never got into wearing a lot of fashion jewelry so if I do wear it then it's mostly gold. As pretty as it is, I remember my mom buying me a nice piece of real gold jewelry at special times in my life. I still have these pieces that I wear today. This  is why the majority of the jewelry I purchase is real gold. I love love pearls so in this shot I wore some dangling earrings with a pearl stone inside.

3. A neutral pump.  I struggle with this because designers do not make a lot of neutral pumps for darker skin tones however most times I gravitate toward brown or shoes of deep color.

4. A little dress that you love. As much as I love my LBD I love color more because that reflects how I try to be most times bright and cheerful! This dress in my opinion should be versatile..meaning can be worn in multiple ways if possible.

5. A nice clutch...preferably an envelope clutch or square leather clutch is what I like because this one goes well with most outfits

6. Nice pair of sunglasses. I purchased a pair of Ray-ban with color mirror lens few months ago but they are so trendy and not everyday wear for my lifestyle. I knew I would probably wear them more during the summer months. However, my type of classic are bigger square frames like these. I love them big & bigger because they protect my skin from the sun.

Well thanks for reading about a few of my classics. I cant wait to share more! Thank you for stopping by and as always I appreciate your continued support. Good Day!

Dress: Antonio Melani
Jacket: Old
shoes: Sam Edelman
earrings: Carolee
clutch: old
glasses: Versace

Sunday, February 21, 2016


 I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This is a look I posted this past week on instagram .  I wore this to a superintendent meeting. The metallic shoes were a great way to add some fun & personality without being a distraction and keeping it professional.

We discussed the transition from using Apple ipads to now using the HP laptop. A few years ago schools starting  experimenting with the iPads.  I believe they felt the online and creative application lessons could provide a huge benefit to students. It's been said that schools spend about a third of their budget on technology hardware so I assume there are always concerns and evaluations of finding the most beneficial budget friendly technical devices.  There's no perfect school device in my opinion and this is why I believe it is the goal of each school to assess their student's needs and match it with the most appropriate technical device.

In addition, I noticed that some students view  ipads as just a gaming device; therefore, having the laptop may be an opportunity to create a more "get to work" perception. Most of all I am pleased that the schools are concerned about what current role technology should play in the life of students in preparation for the future.

Well have a great week and thank you for stopping by.

Dress: Antonio Melani
Shoes: Sam & libby
Bag: Aigner

Friday, February 19, 2016


 Happy Friday! The little black dress is my all year round investment piece.  I love how versatile it is and by adding a structured blazer it totally transforms the lbd to a work piece....add a leather jacket and now it's a perfect date night look. I sometimes add a scarf or a blouse underneath and it's all around fabulous. 
 This is probably one item I tend to splurge a little on because I know the cost per wear will balance out.  A little tiny tiff tip.... I read this week that financial experts are suggesting that Millennials invest 15% of their income or $1100 to prepare for retirement.  This is up 5% from the 10% that is normally recommended for anyone that's preparing for retirement.  The thought process behind this is the earlier you start saving the longer you have for your money to grow and work for you. If you wait until later years to start saving then you risk  not having enough money saved.
 I know 15% or $1,100 can be difficult for most people that are focused only on paying short term expenses; however, always remember that small changes can equal big results. Therefore removing unnecessary expenses from your life and transferring that money towards your savings can have a big impact on your life financially. The extra money to save is always there you just have to find it then assign it immediately so you will not spend it.
 Whatever your number is 10 or 15%  just remember to save something and do it consistently. For me saving money feels just as good as spending money! Well have a beautiful weekend and as always thank you for reading and your continued support!
Dress:  DKNY
tights: Anne Klein
shoes: Vince Camuto
Jacket: Tahari  Arthur S Levine Petite
glasses: Versace

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 On this particular day it just started snowing suddenly and it kept snowing for about an hour then suddenly the sun popped out and all the snow melted away.  It was such a beautiful moment that I had to stop everything and soak it in.  This moment is sort of like life when you're going about your day and all of a sudden something happens and you have a choice  to allow it to distract you or you can find joy as you go through it.  Most often people can not have joy and they lose themselves during unfortunate situations because:

1.  They constantly wonder what they could have done to prevent the situation. Well most things that happen in life we have no control over preventing just control over how we proceed through it.

2.  They allow it to decrease their faith.  That's why is so important to build your faith everyday while things are going well for you. Therefore when things start going wrong the situation may take things from you in a physical sense but it won't take the very thing you need to survive through it which is internal strength. 

3. Last they don't believe that the situation will end.  They get hung up on how long they are going through it verses focusing on the main point that they will get through it. I believe there's an end to all unpleasant situations and there's a limit on the time that God will allow things to happen. Therefore this gives me the opportunity &  space to allow joy inside...

 Remember that joy is real and happiness will always heal. Thank you as always for your support and have a wonderful week ahead!

Monday, February 8, 2016


I feel everything starts and ends with belief! If you want to start a business then you must first believe. If you want to be successful then you must believe. If you want to change your life financially then again you must first believe. If I had to define belief in my own words then I would say it is having faith whether you have done something or not in yourself and your journey in life.

My belief level increased when I
1. ...Changed my language and started saying to myself " I will be successful in the work God has prepared me to do", " I will teach many people how to get their lives in order financially" and " I will inspire others to be the best they can be" Basically you must speak it in order to believe it.  

2. I changed my environment. I filled my environment with self development books and audios and I made sure everyday I read in order to grow. Even today I never ride in my car without a self development message.

3. I changed my thinking.  I fight hard daily to keep a barrier around my mind so negative thoughts will not enter. I just believe that life is a series of problems that can be solved with positive solutions. It is so much easier to be positive than negative. Negativity requires too much undeserving energy!

 Well as always thank you for reading and your support! Have a beautiful week ahead!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


....Grab your faith & walk away & prepare to overcome distractions called negativity along the way


Good day!

Monday, February 1, 2016


 Happy Monday!  I always enjoy taking my clothes to the cleaners because I love how vibrant and refreshed they look once I receive them back. Therefore, I was so excited when I realized I could get the same results from a great steamer. I purchased a travel one and because it worked so well I also wanted one for home. In this picture this silk shirt was so wrinkled but within seconds of using my steamer it looked as if I had taken it to the cleaners.  There are other ways to use a steamer. You can use it on furniture, curtains, or even to freshen the look of bed linen. I'm not completely free from a dry cleaning bill; however, I am able to reduce my weekly cost to the cleaners. Therefore allowing me extra money to save or invest. Well have a great week ahead  and as always thank you for your support!