Friday, February 19, 2016


 Happy Friday! The little black dress is my all year round investment piece.  I love how versatile it is and by adding a structured blazer it totally transforms the lbd to a work piece....add a leather jacket and now it's a perfect date night look. I sometimes add a scarf or a blouse underneath and it's all around fabulous. 
 This is probably one item I tend to splurge a little on because I know the cost per wear will balance out.  A little tiny tiff tip.... I read this week that financial experts are suggesting that Millennials invest 15% of their income or $1100 to prepare for retirement.  This is up 5% from the 10% that is normally recommended for anyone that's preparing for retirement.  The thought process behind this is the earlier you start saving the longer you have for your money to grow and work for you. If you wait until later years to start saving then you risk  not having enough money saved.
 I know 15% or $1,100 can be difficult for most people that are focused only on paying short term expenses; however, always remember that small changes can equal big results. Therefore removing unnecessary expenses from your life and transferring that money towards your savings can have a big impact on your life financially. The extra money to save is always there you just have to find it then assign it immediately so you will not spend it.
 Whatever your number is 10 or 15%  just remember to save something and do it consistently. For me saving money feels just as good as spending money! Well have a beautiful weekend and as always thank you for reading and your continued support!
Dress:  DKNY
tights: Anne Klein
shoes: Vince Camuto
Jacket: Tahari  Arthur S Levine Petite
glasses: Versace


  1. Looking gorgeous, Tiff. Simply stunning!
    Have a fabulous weekend ahead!
    Much love, Len

  2. Giorno perfetto! ! Il tuo sorriso è così bello.

  3. Stunning dress Tiff, it has really beautiful details and looks amazing on you. And thanks for sharing the tip I think a lot of us has a tendency to not think so much about retirement.
    Have a great weekend
    Xx Josette

  4. Oh I love this dress on you Tiff! The lace detail is beautiful and so modern and chic!
    Great tips too, it's so important to start saving for the future.

    xo, jackie