Thursday, March 3, 2016


Spring is definitely in the air! I guess it is time to start thinking about transitional wardrobe pieces. That's what led me to this button down shirt. It's so easy to pair with my pencil skirts and under my sleeveless dresses for spring.  I'm using this time to edit my closet and see what needs to stay for spring and what needs to be removed.

As mentioned  in a previous post, each season I review my goals because I believe as seasons change we have the opportunity to grow and change as well. This prevents me from facing any year end disappointments by allowing me to adjust my goals as needed throughout the year. Basically each season is a time of checks and balances:) A few of my goals that I am reviewing are:

1) BUILDING MY FAITH!  My faith has become an everyday process therefore I committed  many seasons ago to not let a morning go by without building my faith. Now that I am reviewing this goal I envision ways I can share with others to do the same, so I plan to stretch this goal in the next season!

2) STAYING ACTIVE! I love this goal because it challenges me to keep moving. Not only did this goal keep me on track with my exercising but most importantly mentally it keeps me moving. when I face challenges I can tell myself things like " All you can do is all you can do" "Keep moving Tiff because if you stop then its guaranteed that nothing will ever change."

3) READ! When I graduated from college I vowed no more reading..haha  ..being age 15 and attending college and working at the same time so I could purchase my new home was obviously a lot of work. ...and I deserved a little break:) Either way that's the worst thing I could have ever done because I stop growing. I read more than ever now. My vocabulary as well as my mind is now back on track and growing. My conversations feel more meaningful as well. This simple goal has really  pushed me beyond what I could have ever expected.

4) FINANCIAL! When I left my job as a Senior accountant years ago I knew I had to develop a financial plan to keep me on track with all my financial goals. There's nothing that excites me more then being able to save so this system has been an important part of my life.  I have been working  on making this system simple and duplicatable so it can be shared  to help others.

 Even if you don't have any goals to review this is also a great season to set new goals! Well as always thank you for your continued kindness and support! Have a wonderful weekend!

shirt and skirt: Ann Taylor
shoes: Calvin Klein
Glasses: Ralph Lauren


  1. Simply stunning, Tiffany! Love this look!. Have a fabulous weekend my dear friend!
    Much love, Len

  2. I like that you review your goals each season, seems much more managable than once a year. You look fabulous sis, Have a great weekend.

  3. Another very inspiring post. Very good look! outfit and shoes on point!

  4. Love your outfit! So classy!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. ALways looking so hot and adorable even in white - Have a fab week ahead!


  6. Happy Monday Tiff! You look beautiful in white and the weather certainly looks fantastic. I'm sure spring is in the air for you! Thank you for sharing your goals with us. Very inspiring!

    xo, jackie

  7. Head to toe beautiful my dear, Tiffany! Love it! Great look always! Happy Monday!
    Much love, Len