Saturday, March 26, 2016


Hi so much talk about another financial crash can lead to panic. However remember what I have said before that worrying about the past and future will cause stress. However, just focus on what you can do presently because that's all you can influence.

Therefore I want to share some tips on what you can do NOW that can impact your future financially later.

1. Keep adding to your emergency fund. My rule of thumb is twelve months of your salary. However, in a down market 3 to 6 months emergency stash is better than nothing.

2. Pay yourself first! The most important bill in your house should be YOU! The best way to do this is to automate a certain percentage of your income into a separate  account.

3. If your job has 401k plan then contributing up to the match point is free money. If you have a business then remember "you are your 401k" so keep contributing towards your retirement as well. Employee or employer just be consistent with your contributions.

4. Pay down debt. Once you eliminate debt you can easily do the first three steps. However while in debt still save but your savings will not be as big until debt is removed.

5. Last, don't be too quick to upgrade your lifestyle. Basically I just have an attitude of gratitude in all things. I know I say this often to remain grateful....but gratitude has been my latitude to changing in the inside!

I hope there is something you can implement in your journey today! As always thank you for your kind words and support!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Your financial tipps are always so gtood Tiff! I always learn a thing or two which is sonething to be grateful for! Hope you are enjoyihng your Easter so far...
    Wishinhg you a lovely weekend!

  2. Great tips, Tiff! It's definitely a good reminder. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Happy Monday to you!

  3. These are all amazing tips and I couldn't agree more, it's very important to be calculated and think about the future!


  4. Great post, Tifanny! Thank you for being so wise and sharing it with us. Love yah girl! Have a fabulous Monday!
    Much love, Len

  5. Looking good Tiff! Great tips Tiff, definitely things to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope you have a great week!

    xo, Jackie

  6. Thanks for all the tips, your so smart... I am silly with my money.

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  7. Thanks for all the great tips sis.
    Hope you have a lovely week
    xx Josette

  8. I also have this one. When you earn, re-invest 80% in your business and spend only 20% on yourself x