Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Happy Wednesday! I wore this look over the weekend.  It totally feels like spring! I wanted to accentuate this white lace dress with a pop of color so I chose to add a colorful blue bag! It's amazing how a dash of color can brighten up a look!

I think in terms of your life it is also great to brighten up your look! The quickest way for me is maintaining  a positive attitude! Your attitude can change any situation in the right direction!

Making better financial choices is another way to brighten up your life. For most people the extra hours of daylight is filled with more spending. That's great news for retailers but a challenge on the pockets of shoppers. Therefore use the extra hours to increase your health by exercising. Try hosting a warm weather get together at home with friends and family members. These are just a couple of examples that will shift the focus from spring spending to saving..and in my opinion will add a dash of color and brightness to your life.

Well as always thank you reading and your continued support!

Dress: Antonio Melani
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Bag: Betsey Johnson
glasses: Ralph Lauren


  1. Oh gosh! That's one gorgeous dress. I instantly got an urge to shop.


  2. True. A positive attitude is very important in life, it changes the whole situation and like they say, what goes around comes around, do good, good things will come to you. We receive what we give, if we give happiness to the world, life will seem as fun and easy as possible. #PositiveVibesOnly

    Great dress by the way.

  3. That dress looks amazing on you. Thanks for the positive quote. I need that today. Happy Monday!