Wednesday, April 27, 2016


" Life can often feel like the can burn you but it can't break you unless you allow it"

Life burns can come in many different forms or situations in your life. When you realize  you have the power to not be broken only then can you learn the much needed lesson and begin the healing process. remember whatever burn you may face overcome it with faith & a strong desire to get better.

Good day and thank you for your support!

Dress: Ann Taylor
Purse: Coach
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Monday, April 25, 2016


 Happy Monday and beautiful day! The weather has been awesome lately and a great time to wear some spring tweed.

These platform heels have been on repeat many times this spring. I love the wedge version of them.

Often people wonder "is it a good time to invest" Every situation is different however I believe there are a few questions that must be answered before anyone considers investing in my opinion.

You should determine the age that you would like to retire and how much you will need to have saved at that age. Then ask yourself are you saving at a pace to have that amount or more in your retirement years. Please be sure to take into consideration the projected inflation rate. If the answer is no then that is an indication that you need to get yourself in position to start investing. Don't worry that you did not do it sooner. That is the past and the only thing you can control is your present choices...and be thankful for the moment of realization so that you can start to take the steps to change your life financially.

Well I wish you a beautiful week and thank you so much for your continued support!

Shirt: Michael Kors
skirt: Ann Taylor
heels: Steve Madden
purse: Antonio Melani
Glasses: Versace

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


 I love to add touches of leather to a simple outfit like this one. The red leather bag  brightens the look up.

I absolutely love these heels. I immediately was attracted to the architectural details of these heels. You can see it better here. I adore the current season shoes as well.

The soft leather makes them comfortable to walk in especially in the warmer months when my feet tend to swell. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your support!  

Skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Michael Kors
purse: Coach
shirt: Philosophy
glasses: Versace

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Happy Sunday! I'm really enjoying this knit sweater for spring. I paired it with some ponte pants for a comfy and chic weekend look, but I also wore it here over a dress.  The cost per wear makes this sweater worth the cost for me.

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing taxes. If you get a refund then try investing it. If you have gone the entire year without the money then why not continue...

Some people prefer having more money during the year so they can have their money growing for them and not the IRS. Therefore you can adjust your paycheck withholding and receive a bigger paycheck. The extra can be invested each month. This will lower your tax refund at end of the year but the best part is your money can be working for you throughout the year. Either way remember to pay yourself first!

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for stopping by.

Sweater: Eileen Fisher
Pants: Antonio Melani
Shoes: Michael Kors
glasses: Versace
Purse: Etienne Aigner

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


" As your desire grows the discipline needed will unfold"

Good day & thank you for stopping by!

Sweater: Loft
pants: Michael Kors
heels: Calvin Klein
purse: Coach
glasses: Ralph Lauren

Friday, April 1, 2016


"We all wake up with a choice to change the course of our day..make the best choice that represents truly who you are  and defines the person you desire to be"

Happy April and have a beautiful weekend!

Sweater: Eileen Fisher
Dress: old
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Carolee
Pearls: Macys
glasses: Versace