Wednesday, May 11, 2016


  Happy Wednesday!  I remember when I was in college saying to myself "why doesn't college come with a manual?"  At age 15 I sure could have used some instructions. However, I am grateful that now I can share a few college tips:

-  Do an internship. A paid internship is always great; however, experience is what's most important. Therefore once you graduate college you'll have experience and you will have a competitive edge over other students.  Try to do your best on your internship they may decide to keep you as an employee throughout college. That's what happened to me which gave me a lot of experience working under a CPA and a much appreciated paycheck:)

-  Do not get a credit card  unless you have the income to pay the balance off every month.  Remember you do not want to start your life off in debt.  They will try and tell you that it's great to have a credit card to build your credit however if you can't pay it off then you will hurt your credit.

- Attend networking events and professional seminars at least once or twice a month. ... primarily events that are related to your major is a great way to learn how to connect with others. Professional seminars help to build your skillset and to learn how to market yourself better.

- Build a relationship immediately with your core professors. Do not wait until you have a problem to try and reach out to your professors. They are there to help make the transition from college to real world a little easier so utilize their expertise.

-  Last if you are working  a job then make sure that you save a percentage of your income. I know that is a little difficult when you are not earning a lot of income. However, $25 per month saved until retirement can possibly grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now that's worth skipping a few trips to McDonald's right? My discipline to start saving while in college made it easier for me to continue saving after college. Therefore, less than a year after graduating college I was able to build my first home.

 Thank you for stopping by and as always I truly appreciate your kind words and support.

Shirt: no longer available...similar
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Glasses: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Coach


  1. You are a vision in that coral top. Its such great colour on you. Fab look. And thanks for sharing your tips with us.
    Have a great day!

    xo, Jackie

  2. Helo,

    Beautiful look ! :D