Monday, June 20, 2016


Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend!  Sometimes we need to take some really cute accessories and glam up a plain look. Its a great idea to do the same to your finances. A few ideas on how to glam up your finances:

1. Set short term and long term financial goals. Put it in writing!

2. Monthly or quarterly review those goals to make sure you are on pace to hit it. What's the use in setting a goal that you never track or expect to achieve!

3. If you have a lot of debt take one debt at a time and focus all your energy on paying down that particular debt...continue the process until all the debt has been eliminated. The key here is just to focus!

4. Save, Save, Save..ok you already pay yourself first...well pay yourself more. The biggest bill in your home should be you! Invest in your financial future!

5. Carry cash with you! Cash is very attractive but fast technology has made it unattractive. Most people love debit or credit cards. Swipe, swipe swipe:) Well the more you use these the more you are subject to lose track of your spending. ..with cash when it is spent you are physically able to see it is gone.

Well thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful blessed week!

Dress: old( similar )
watch: Citizens
necklace: Macys
Bag: similar


  1. You look beautiful in that dress!

  2. Hi dear and thank you for your visit! Congratulations for your outfit. I love so much this combination. Red detail of your shoes is perfect!!! Have a nice monday, kisses,

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  3. Those are the best finance tips I've heard in quite a long time - and you are so divine in white!!!

    Come see how I welcomed Summer in a boho-inspired look at the blog - Happy Tuesday!


  4. You look beautiful in white and I love the touch of red trim on your bag. You always give such great financial advice Tiffy! You should have your own ebook on it.

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thank you Jackie! I will definitely look into that! Good day and blessings to you!