Wednesday, July 20, 2016


  I hope everyone is having a beautiful week! I wanted to share just a few ways I make my money grow.  This is always a sensitive topic.  I'm not sure why because every day requires spending money but when it comes to acquiring the abundance of money the room always get quiet:)  However this is what I love,  my true calling and most importantly I know people need I have to talk about it.

  I speak and think positive in relation to my money. This may seem simple but how you view your money can determine how money will manifest & grow. I never worship money I just have a clear understanding that how I treat it says a lot about me and my thinking.  I think in the direction that I want it to grow which of course is a positive direction.

I purchase things of value that will create long term income. For example, my home because it  appreciated in value from the day I bought it creating more money in the future for me. I also purchase shares of stock. I can lose time doing income producing activities because I enjoy it so much.

  I'm not an impulse buyer anymore. Now this took some time to achieve but I feel I have it mastered:) Therefore, the money I save from not buying something allows my money to stay where it belongs and grow.

 Remember true growth starts from within... grow yourself and everything around you will  be forced to grow

Well thank you so much for reading and I pray the rest of your week is filled with many blessings!

Top: Boutique now closed
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels Michael Kors
Purse: Coach
Glasses: Versace

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