Friday, July 22, 2016


Happy Friday! I accessorized with this orange and white tie dye scarf. I wear minimal jewelry so I love to use other accessories to dress up my outfits.  This jumpsuit has been a long-time favorite of mine and it has held up well over the years.  I have gotten a little sun damage over the past few weeks so I'm always trying to find a scarf or sunglasses to block the sun.

 It is so important for me to protect my skin from the sun because I don't wear any makeup at all other than lip gloss and sometimes a brow definer.  I'm not a huge fan of hats  even though I see so many cute hats for the summer.  I gravitate towards scarves because they reflect more of my personal style and I love the infinite ways that I can style a scarf.

 Yes I have a new hairstyle! Over the past I've been wearing extensions to protect my hair and give it a break from heat damage.  I felt now was a perfect time to give the extensions a rest and wear my natural hair.  I decided to cut off a few inches because I felt some areas of my hair had damage and I want it to grow back healthier than ever.

 My hair routine is so simple.  I just wash blow-dry  and I use minimum heat to create a smooth straight style since my natural hair has a deep curl pattern.

 Remember that your network can determine your self-worth so place yourself, thoughts and your feelings in places where you're challenged to become the leader you were created to be. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

jumpsuit: Bebe
shoes: similiar
glasses: Versace
scarf: similar

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