Monday, August 29, 2016


  "Allow only the thoughts that add to your life..never become satisfied until those thoughts represent the unique, positive person you were created to be.."

Have a wonderful and blessed week!!!

Top: Ralph Lauren
skirt: J Crew
Bag: Furla

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


5. Invest in a crockpot. You can run errands, work, take a much needed nap and dinner will be done...without little effort!  It will save you time and money

4. Take advantage of your local library. Some libraries have a free website where you can download your favorite magazines to your tablet or electronic devive.. if you have children the library also offers free online tutoring. The parents can use it and teach the children..or the children can log on themselves and get help with all their subjects. Now that's pretty cool!

3.  Cut that credit card!  If you like your credit cards because of the rewards set up a system where when you use the card and the money is automatically transferred from your checking account. However, if you resort to a cash system when all the cash is gone then that's an indication to stop spending.

2.  Develop a visual plan for your finances.  Basically how do you want your financial future to look then draw it out. When you can see it you will believe it...and you'll be more careful about your financial decisions.

1.  This is a big one! Develop a spending plan for yourself. Some call it a budget, no matter what it's a plan to keep you on track with your finances and to make sure that you're saving first and spending less.

 Thank you for reading and I hope that you are having a wonderful blessed week

Bag: Coach (similar)
Glasses: Versace
Dress: Muse similar

Monday, August 22, 2016


It never hurts to take a second look. When I first purchased this dress I wore it as is. However, after taking a second look I realized that it really needed alterations. Therefore, I shortened the length of this dress. I'm 5'1 so long dresses can overpower my petite frame.

We sometimes need to take a second look at other areas of our life like our relationships, our  spiritual, and financial life. Relationships are about giving just as much as they are about receiving. Therefore, when you take a second look at your relationships you can determine if you are giving your best.  This is not the time to get bitter it's actually a time to get better.  You have to look yourself in the mirror in order to get better and it only starts from within. Do not allow fear to consume you during this process. You have to operate in faith and know that anything you do not like you have an opportunity to change. The change that occurs in the inside will allow you to have better relationships on the outside.

Overtime our spiritual life can grow stale and you get in the habit of doing the same thing. Your spiritual life needs to be challenged in order to continue growing and most importantly growing your relationship with God. As you take a second look, you may find that you need to believe more and increase your faith. Your faith can be increased more by taking a few minutes a day reading or listening to faith building messages. You can also journal your thoughts. Its amazing how writing your thoughts down changes your thought life. You may find that you need to share more. What is life if you can't share and help others to get better as well. Whatever you find when taking your second look ask God for forgiveness and forgive yourself and move forward in faith!

Last take a close look at your financial life. The end of the year is approaching very fast. Take a look at how you've been spending your money and look to see if your spending reflects who you truly are and where you desire to be. This can be challenging but it's a great opportunity for you to get better and to change habits that do not reflect the best you!
Remember to not get stuck in the past when taking a second look just glance back in order to grab the change so you can live a present life of happiness. I thank you for taking the time always to stop by. I pray you have a wonderful blessed week and a life-changing journey as you take your second look.

 blessings and love

Dress: Maia
Shoes: Gianni Bini similar
Glasses: Versace

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Have you ever received any extra or unexpected money and immediately spent it..then you could not recall what you even spent it on. Well that is due most often to not preparing in advance financially. If you are tracking your finances daily then you become more aware of how to delegate your money. This awareness is a critical process to preparing for an unforeseen money crisis or unexpected extra cash flow.  Basically, when you track your finances and extra money arrives you will immediately know what to do and how to do it.

Therefore, I want to list some options for what to do with extra money so you can start planning in advance.

You can pay down debt. The  average credit card debt, student loan debt, and debt overall is rising. The lack of income and shortage of emergency funds is causing people to resort to borrowing money.  When you borrow money you must pay it back along with interest. The interest can be very high which will prolong the time it takes to pay the entire debt off.  There is also a possibility that your credit score will be affected as well.   Not not only can debt affect you financially but it can affect you mentally.   It can be so draining to the point that it causes some people to get depressed or stressed out leading to severe health issues.  It's very difficult to make the right financial choices when your health is not in the best condition. Therefore if you plan in advance how you can pay down the debt then when the extra arrives you will immediately see the benefit in doing it.

You can save for that dream home. If you are a homeowner then pay additional on the mortgage. This could save you years and a lot of interest.  If you are saving interest then you're definitely saving money. Ownership is a powerful wealth building tool.  At the end of every hard work should be  the reward of ownership. 

 You can start an emergency fund.  You can determine how much goes into this fund by adding all your monthly expenses.  That amount multiplied by 3 will equal 3 months of expenses;therefore, you can start saving towards that amount. However in an uncertain economy and to be more prepared you may want to save 6  to 8 months or even more. 

You can start your retirement.  If you want to retire you have to plan for it and most importantly save towards it.  The lack of savings and increase in inflation is causing people to  continue working way past the time frame of when they should be retired.  There is a point where working should be an option not a need;  however, lack of planning forfeits this option There are things that must be in place first  before starting any retirement so seek professional advice then you can begin your journey to saving towards financial freedom!

Last option is to enjoy it.  Your idea of enjoying it may be blessing someone is always better to give than receive!  You may decide to splurge on an item you wanted for quite some time.  ...either way if you have prepared in advance financially then you'll be confident in whatever choice that you make when spending your extra unexpected money.

 Thank you so much for reading and I wish you a wonderful and as always a blessed week.

Dress: French Connection.. similar here
Bag: Furla
shoes: Jessica Simpson
glasses: Versace

Monday, August 15, 2016


" sometimes we have to give to the deserving and non deserving..however in the spirit of happiness give anyways..

Have a wonderful week filled with many blessings!

Romper: Target
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Ralph Lauren
Glasses: Versace

Friday, August 12, 2016


Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful blessed weekend!

Shirt: Michael Kors ( similar ) on sale
Skirt: Lauren Conrad  (similar)
Shoes: similar
Glasses: Versace

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


" Your life will never exceed what you don't confidently believe through God that you will succeed! "

Shirt: Ann Taylor
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Nine West (on sale )
Clutch: old

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Hi Happy Tuesday!  These are my some of my favorite summer sandals. When choosing my summer sandals I look for those that can carry me into the fall season since I experience very warm weather during the fall season. If spending over $150 make sure the shoe can last at least two summers. Therefore, there are a few things I shop for in a summer shoe.

1. A neutral color because it pairs well with majority of my summer looks. Metallic is basically a neutral for me and it can glam up any day or night summer look instantly.

2. A block heel is perfect for days when you need a stiletto break. This trend gives height without sacrificing comfort. I stick with a neutral simple strap so when the trend passes I can still wear these shoes.

3. I shop for comfort. Platform sandals are so comfortable for me. The platforms with ankle straps are very attractive and look great with summer dresses shorts and skirts.

 Shoes: Tory Burch  Nina Steve Madden( similar )

Here are some of the ways I wore these heels this summer from dressy to casual and day to night.

Thank you so much for reading. Remember if your shoes are too tight and you stumble when you walk try stepping into the shoes that God has designed perfectly for you.
Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Friday, August 5, 2016


It  is not the best feeling to be in a financial rut so getting out of it as quick as possible is the best way to get life back on track. Remember situations are only temporary when you have a  positive permanent mindset. ... so how do you know that you're in a financial rut?

1.  You're not saving any money!  Lenders  are banking on you not saving anything so that they can come to your rescue with a high-interest loan. Now you can overcome this by creating a line on your spending plan that says pay yourself first this means  when you receive your paycheck the first bill you pay is yourself.

2. You are not earning enough money!  Most times people are blessed with enough to live off of but sometimes  the world tells you that you need to spend more and live beyond your means.  The result of this way of thinking is that you incur additional expenses that you cannot afford. However the solution is to earn more income if this occurs.  This additional income can be can be used to reduce those additional expenses and help you to save more money.

3.  Majority of your purchases are made on credit and you can not afford to pay off the full balance each month.  If you're not in a position to pay off credit purchases right away then resorting to a cash system is a great way to get out of a rut.  You can always link your cash account to your credit cards so as you charge something the money can be drafted from your cash account.  Therefore when all the cash is gone that's an indicator you should stop spending.  In addition, seeing the cash leave your account has a huge impact on your mindset and you start to  place value on your spending choices.

4.  Last you have stop dreaming!   Dreams are supposed to fill us up so when you lose your dream you're actually starving yourself. Our dreams keep us alive and encouraged day by day.  Therefore, through prayer develop a dream plan for your life, put it in writing,  create a vision board and most importantly live it out to the fullest.  Remember when a dream is lost dream again!!!

 Thank you so much for your support and I hope that you have a wonderful and truly blessed weekend!

Jacket: Gianni Bini
pants: similar
shoes: Steve Madden
bag: Coach
Glasses: Versace

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


 Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed week! The cold shoulder trend is a great way to update my pencil skirts. Most of the time I tuck my shirts in my pencil skirts for a neat  professional polished look. However, the lace detail on the side of this top is so attractive and romantic so I left it not tucked.

 I adore the longer light weight cold shoulder tops like this one because they transition well season to season. Most importantly it provides that additional layer of protection from the blazing sun.   Basically I have a clear understanding of my personal style so when these cute trends arrive I'm not wasting money incorporating items that do not enhance my wardrobe and subtract from my financial goals.  However, I have been wearing cold shoulder tops for years so I will say that this purchase enhances my wardrobe.

 Remember if something is trending then people are spending...and if you're spending without a clear purpose then you are pushing yourself further away from financial freedom.  Thank you as always for your support! I pray you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Tory Burch no longer available similar
shirt: similar
Glasses: Versace