Monday, August 22, 2016


It never hurts to take a second look. When I first purchased this dress I wore it as is. However, after taking a second look I realized that it really needed alterations. Therefore, I shortened the length of this dress. I'm 5'1 so long dresses can overpower my petite frame.

We sometimes need to take a second look at other areas of our life like our relationships, our  spiritual, and financial life. Relationships are about giving just as much as they are about receiving. Therefore, when you take a second look at your relationships you can determine if you are giving your best.  This is not the time to get bitter it's actually a time to get better.  You have to look yourself in the mirror in order to get better and it only starts from within. Do not allow fear to consume you during this process. You have to operate in faith and know that anything you do not like you have an opportunity to change. The change that occurs in the inside will allow you to have better relationships on the outside.

Overtime our spiritual life can grow stale and you get in the habit of doing the same thing. Your spiritual life needs to be challenged in order to continue growing and most importantly growing your relationship with God. As you take a second look, you may find that you need to believe more and increase your faith. Your faith can be increased more by taking a few minutes a day reading or listening to faith building messages. You can also journal your thoughts. Its amazing how writing your thoughts down changes your thought life. You may find that you need to share more. What is life if you can't share and help others to get better as well. Whatever you find when taking your second look ask God for forgiveness and forgive yourself and move forward in faith!

Last take a close look at your financial life. The end of the year is approaching very fast. Take a look at how you've been spending your money and look to see if your spending reflects who you truly are and where you desire to be. This can be challenging but it's a great opportunity for you to get better and to change habits that do not reflect the best you!
Remember to not get stuck in the past when taking a second look just glance back in order to grab the change so you can live a present life of happiness. I thank you for taking the time always to stop by. I pray you have a wonderful blessed week and a life-changing journey as you take your second look.

 blessings and love

Dress: Maia
Shoes: Gianni Bini similar
Glasses: Versace


  1. I love your white dress. It's so beautiful on you!

    Meghan |

  2. Great advice Tiffany. Sometimes we get caught in the moment and things slip without us even noticing, taking a second look is a must in this hectic world!


    Tamara -

    1. I agree Tamara! we have so many distractions & we have to make time for that second look! thank you and I hope you're having a wonderful week

  3. Such a beautiful dress lovely! So perfect for summer! Love your beige heels too, they're gorgeous! Have a wonderful week beautiful lady! Xxx

  4. Cute dress! I love this look!

    Adi xx

  5. Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  6. Beautiful dress, white looks great on you