Thursday, September 1, 2016


 Happy Thursday I hope you're having a blessed week! I wanted to share how to separate your cash accounts. When your cash accounts are organized and you understand most importantly why then you can make better financial decisions with less stress. Now, a simple alternative is to dump everything into one cash account but that makes it a little difficult to track your money. I believe when the dollars you are blessed with can be accounted for and assigned a purpose then your overall purpose becomes clearer.

The first account is what I call a revolving account. As money goes in it comes right back out. This cash account is setup to cover all your monthly bills. It should always be funded with enough to cover those expenses and a little extra for those months where expenses are a bit higher. You will know you need a second cash account when you have so much extra in this account with no purpose being served for it.

Therefore, the second account created is for those unexpected expenses. Things will happen unexpectedly because honestly that is just life.  The key is you have to make preparations for the unexpected in order to create expected results.  Have a goal of two to three thousand in it because you never want an unexpected car, home expense, or family emergency to drain your savings. Therefore this cash account is like a buffer to keep you from touching your longer term savings.

The last account is an overflow account. If all your bills are paid, the second account is fully funded for emergencies then whatever left over every month can pile up into this account. Over time you may decide to invest with this money in things that will allow your money to grow.

If you don't have these accounts currently in place then no worries you can start working towards that goal today. Remember " A mind that decides to change today can now make necessary changes everyday." Therefore every new day is an opportunity to change and grow.

Well thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend!

Shirt: Antonio Melani
Jeans:Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Clutch: old similar
Watch: Citizen
Bracelet: similar
Earrings: Macys
Glasses: Versace


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  2. Wow! What a great post you have here,The key is you have to make preparations for the unexpected in order to create expected results..I love this.

  3. Thanks for the tips you're giving about how to organize yourself when it comes to bank accounts and savings!

  4. This is such an awesome post! Have a great new week. :)

  5. Great look and great financial advice!


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    1. Thank you and I hope everything goes well at your event!

  7. Such a chic casual outfit! And I love how you explained these 3 accounts. I actually organize my money this way without any finance background!
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    1. Now that's awesome Jeanne! You are a woman in control of her finances! Happy weekend and thank you!