Monday, November 28, 2016


Happy new week! I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the past week at the beach and it was super nice falling asleep and waking up to the music of the ocean.

I packed a lot of easy outfits because I knew a lot of time would be spent on the beach. I wore this outfit to go shopping. The biggest challenge the entire week was making sure I did not waiver from my faith building activities since I was not in my normal space. Therefore, I managed to pull away from all the excitement so I could study some scriptures and journal my thoughts throughout the week. I'm so grateful I was willing  to make time to do this..

That leads me to my quote of the day..." no matter where you are never forget your daily disciplines that have shaped you into the person you are..."

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Monday, November 21, 2016


Happy new week! I had a beautiful weekend (all praises to God) and I'm looking forward to a more beautiful week ahead. I pray the same for each one of you!

A friend once commented that I never seem affected by problems or challenges. I told her and I will share with all of you...everyone will deal with challenges until the day we die. However, what is so special is how we navigate throughout those challenges and the choices we make to overcome it.

I just choose to remain positive and grateful throughout my challenges. This attitude help me to be less stressed and most importantly I can enjoy life in the "present" moment. Most often stress comes from worrying about one's past or eagerness about what will happen in the future. I am fully aware I can not change either the past or future because that is above the power God has given me. However,  I am in control of how I feel, act, and respond to my life today!! Therefore, I choose to find happiness in the present moment by protecting my heart from negative thoughts and emotions. Honestly this requires a daily discipline but if you desire a life of happiness and joy you will fight to protect your heart and what travels through it.

Well that leads me to my quote for this day " ...In all challenges you may face you have a choice to overcome it positively and step into a life of happiness that is available to receive in this present today"
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

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Friday, November 18, 2016


A cute sweater dress is an essential fall item for me. It's  that wardrobe item we all have that creates an instant stylish and cozy look with little effort.

As it gets cooler I'll layer with tights, high boots, and a warm scarf. It will also pair perfectly with jeans for an on the go fabulous look.

I absolutely adore how the ribbed details add texture to this look while the silhouette is so flattering and tailored.

Remember to keep smiling and find joy in every moment!  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Thank you as always for reading!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to your week! I love taking two versatile and timeless colors like black and blue and making it wearable. 

My quote of the day is " Never conform to the temperature of the room when you have the opportunity to change it!"
 Have a wonderful blessed week! 

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Thursday, November 10, 2016


 I pray you're having a blessed week.  This look was a total shop my closet in honor of the $500 challenge.  Basically every time I get creative and save $500 I will deposit it into a short tem account. I will continue doing this for a year to see how much I can accumulate.  If you have not read the post on the $500 challenge then you can read it here.  There are a few other ways that I have been saving.

1.  I reviewed my cell phone charges and found that I was over paying each month in fees for services I was not even using.

2.  I have two vehicles that I own so instead of driving both throughout the week. I drive one and the other for traveling longer distances.  I have a luxury car so maintenance fees can range anywhere from a thousand to a few thousand dollars depending on the service . My non-luxury car I spend so much less in maintenance fees and fuel which saves me a ton of money.

3.  When I receive my dividend checks off my stocks or I sell shares I normally take some of it and purchase a new expensive item.  I haven't spent any of it lately.

4. I normally take all my loose change at the end of the day and put away and once a year I deposit it all into my short term account. However, I have taken it a step further and any dollar bills I have left in my wallet at the end of the day I stash away as well.

 Well I just wanted to share a few additional ways that I'm saving.  If you have any creative ways that you're saving then please share.  I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend and thank you so much for reading!

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Monday, November 7, 2016


" The seasons will always change however your faith and endurance must remain the same..."

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016


 Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  Well I wanted to close this week the way I start every week on a happy and positive note. Therefore sharing a few happy tips:

1.  Never allow people or things to steal your joy. Don't focus on the things you lack in life. Instead focus on the abundance of things that you are currently blessed with. Basically have an attitude of gratitude at all times!

2.  Recognize your self-worth! Our decisions are made depending on how we feel about ourselves. Therefore,  it's imperative that you understand how special you are and that your life has a purpose. When you understand your purpose your life becomes much happier and fuller.

3.  Be careful of  the people that  you are around. Negativity is so contagious however on a better note being positive is contagious as well. Overcome negativity with positive thoughts and actions. 

4.  Never tie your happiness to the promises of a future event happening. That will only disappoint you trying to delay your happiness until something in your life happens. If you are thinking " I will be happy when....." then that type of thinking never finds happiness. Happiness is " I am happy in this present moment." Remember happiness is all around you everyday you just have to choose to believe it!

5.   Do not compare yourself and your journey in life to anyone else's journey. It's too time consuming to worry about what others are doing and it will drain your happiness. Now, you must be happy for others and their success because that will protect your heart from any negative emotions. However  seek your own happiness through the journey you are purposely driven to take.

6 .  Last, make sure you are building your faith everyday. When your faith is strong you can rise above anything and most importantly you are better equipped to deal with life in the most positive and stress free way.

 Thank you for reading and as always I appreciate your love and support! Have a blessed weekend!

Vest: similar
skirt: Antonio Melani
shoes: Dolce Vita
purse: Coach