Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Happy Tuesday! I pray you are having a beautiful week! I know if you are in a financial rut then most information received at this point may seem useless. However, knowledge is so powerful when you have the desire and have made the decision to apply it to your life. My ways are definitely not the only ways but it's a step in the right direction to getting out of a financial rut. 

The first step is to observe your thinking. Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. Therefore if your thoughts about your finances are negative then chances are your finances will remain negative. Remember it does not cost you anything to have positive and abundant thoughts; however, you have so much to gain from it.

Next you have to face reality and take a true snapshot of where you currently are so you can confidently know where you are going. The best way to do this is to evaluate all of your expenses from the past few months then create a spending plan/budget that works for your life going forward. I must warn you that people may lie intentionally or not intentionally but the numbers do not lie. Therefore the numbers will tell you your next step. For example, you may need to spend less in certain areas of your life. You might find out that the reasons you are not saving is because its all going towards debt so you must take steps to reduce it. You might even find out that you just need to find ways to earn additional  income. Overall, whatever you find out just have a sense of urgency to overcome it by implementing the necessary changes. 

Last, you have to fight extra hard to stay out of the rut. When you get out of a financial rut there will be all types of things trying to reel you back in. I'm not saying live in fear because that's not a joyful life . I'm saying be aware and put buffers in place to keep you from going back. Most importantly  have a financial vision for your life and work hard to manifest it.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed rest of the week.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Happy New day! This was one of those days where I decided to take a few photos inside my home in the breakfast area.  It was extremely hot this past summer so I didn't get a chance to wear this blazer often but it's definitely in my autumn capsule wardrobe.

I really like the fact of wearing only two colors in this outfit. The blazer streamlined this look in a classic and classy way making it versatile and functional for any event. I normally push my sleeves up on all my blazers for comfort and style. However, this time I layered underneath with a sheer top to soften up this masculine style blazer. The fact that this blazer is white makes it functional from season to season. However, I think I will order the wool one for the cooler months to come if I can justify that it will add value and compliment the wardrobe I already have. As mentioned in this post I'm getting more intentional with my purchases and only investing my money and most importantly my time into items I truly  love.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week!

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Monday, October 9, 2017


".......you are only one decision away from changing your day...so direct your thoughts to unlock your heart and engage in happiness right from the start..."

Have a blessed new week!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Happy Thursday! It's still extremely hot here and it will probably will stay that way until the end of next month. Therefore, I can still wear my summer items.

I shared with a group of people this week how I conquer my emotions by practicing good daily habits. For example, I always wanted to speak another language however my emotions would give me every excuse not to start. However, I desired this so much that I was willing to change my habits and commit to it. I did three simple things that yielded me big results. I first set a 30 day goal. This short term goal motivated me more verses having a long term goal that seemed unreachable. Next I studied for 5 minutes everyday . Now I know 5 minutes is not a lot but I was trying to create a habit of studying daily. I knew I would increase the time once the habit was in place. Last, I did it the same time each day. This step helped me to become more discipline with my time.

The result of this 30 day challenge was momentum and motivation to do more and increase my efforts. When my emotions tried to keep me from studying my daily habits that I created directed me otherwise. The awesome thing is habits can be implemented in all areas of your life. My daily habits help me to live a healthy, happy, faithful and fruitful life. Therefore when you change your habits it attracts the desired change in your life.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed rest of the week.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


"...look back only for the lesson and whether good or bad remember it's all a blessing "

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Friday, September 29, 2017


Happy Friday! I pray you are having a great week! We are going into the last quarter of 2017 and I wanted to share a few tips to save money for the holiday season. This is definitely a season of spending which according to statistics has led to a significant increase in debt. In my opinion we have the ability to control the flow of our money but it takes preparation and being more conscious about our money choices.

1. Have a budget for the holidays to keep your spending under control. If you already have a current budget that you use for your finances then hooray for you! ..because it will be so easy to determine how much you can allocate towards your holiday spending.

2. Think outside of the box when it comes to giving. For example, it can be hectic for parents to shop with younger children so you can volunteer to babysit. Another option is volunteer at places in need like shelters. This is a great way to be a living example of what giving is.

3. When you start shopping early you get better deals. The closer you get to the holidays the more prices tend to increase.

4. Last but definitely not least do not forget the reason for the season. The world desires to have us thinking it is about material things. This is a time of family, fun, fellowship and  to celebrate our blessings from God.  Truthfully, we should not only celebrate just during the holidays but all days because the promise of joy is everyday.

Thank you as always for your support! Have a blessed weekend!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Have a blessed week!

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Friday, September 22, 2017


Hi! Happy Friday!  I wanted to share a few of my dresses that I will be wearing into the autumn season. One of the biggest ways to save money is to shop your current wardrobe. ...no secret right? Now, I realize retailers are advertising their new fall items and essentials  but that's their mission to sell merchandise. However, my mission is help others to find value and appreciation in what they currently have and to make the best decisions towards financial freedom. That does not mean no shopping just being intentional about it so in the long range you can have more money to save or invest.

 In order to curb that appetite to buy more stuff I ask my self several questions when purchasing a new item.

1. What has led me to this store or online shopping? I'm big on self development and part of self development is not letting your emotions control you. You control your emotions with practicing good daily habits. 

2. Would I pay full price for this item if it wasn't on sale? Who doesn't  like a great deal but that is not a good reason to buy it. 

3. Am I willing to let go in order to receive? I really try to remove an item especially if it's worn out or I have a similar item like it in my wardrobe.

4. Would this item compliment my current wardrobe? I must be able to think of 3 -5 items I can pair it with before I'll purchase it.

5. Is this my style? I see so many fabulous outfits on other people and they look amazing . However, knowing my personal style keeps me from buying items that are not true to me and my personal style philosophy.

6. Last, how does it feel? The texture and feel is so important because I want the item to feel comfortable and last for quite some time.

Now, a quick glimpse into what dresses I will be wearing.  A little black dress is a wardrobe must have for me. I updated my LTD with this off shoulder dress

I absolutely adore this dress and have worn it a lot of times. There are so many  floral options this season.

A leather dress can really update any wardrobe. This fit and flare style layers perfectly with blazer, sweater or cardigan. I even adore the idea of a blouse layered underneath. There are so many leather or faux leather options available.  I just say invest in a quality one that suit your style and budget.

I haven't worn this dress yet but it will definitely be in my autumn wardrobe. I particularly like the silhouette of this dress.

Metallic is on trend and a metallic wrap dress provides a bright and chic option for a fall date night.

Red is big this season. However my only red dress was ruin this year. I decided not to replace it since I had these two dresses. These dresses are not red but close enough:) 

What ways are you being conscious of your spending habits? Well thanks as always for reading and have a blessed rest of the week. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Happy Wednesday! I pray you are having a great week! I want to share a few hacks that can lead to successful money habits. 

1. Have a financial vision for your life. Most people work a job and trade valuable time for money. Therefore having a vision for this money makes the exchange in time more worthwhile. This vision should be short term and long term with points to celebrate along the way. This vision should motivate you to get better and to be more diligent in your money decisions. Most importantly if you don't create your vision you will end up living out someone's vision. ..and their vision will probably involve you spending all of your money:)

2. Pay yourself first. The amount you pay yourself is determined by your financial vision. Whatever you pay yourself should be consistent and automatic. When you make your money automatic it becomes easier to save and it gives your money direction. When money is automatic meaning it instantly transfers into a savings vehicle you don't have to spend time worrying about it. ...worrying will never attract more money. However assigning where it goes will attract more.

3. Procrastinate on spending. In a world of "spenders" it's great to have "savers." A great way to control spending and save more is to track your daily expenses. You have to be certain what's going out to determine what amount stays in. Once you have tracked it then you can develop a spending plan that works according to your lifestyle.

4. Last, spend in cash. Plastic is easier and more convenient for sure. However, carrying cash gives you an instant visual of your spending and money situation in real-time. If you prefer using a credit card then make sure it is tied to a cash account. Therefore, once you swipe it the cash instantly comes out of that cash account and keep you free of debt. 

As always thank you for reading and have a blessed rest of the week!

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Monday, September 18, 2017



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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 Hi! I pray you're having a wonderful week.  I feel this color represents everything that I feel on the inside which is inspiration, optimism and fun.  There are at least three things that I strive for when creating  a happy and stylish wardrobe.

1. Color: A wardrobe should have colors that compliment. My definition of compliment is what makes you happy and empowers you inside out.

2. Intentional shopping: A wardrobe that is intentional is  made up of good quality items that last for quite some time and represent your personal style. This will save you tons of money.

3. Loving it: Another result of intentional shopping is you can happily stand in front of your closet and totally love every single piece. This saves so much time getting dressed because you won't have to keep changing outfits. You now love it all.

As always thank you so much for reading and have a blessed rest of the week!

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Monday, September 11, 2017


LOCATION: (Boca Raton Resort & Club) Boca Raton, FL

 " .....even the best plans can fall through but when there is purpose in your heart a detour will never destroy you.."

Thank you for stopping by and I pray you have a blessed week ahead!

Monday, September 4, 2017


Location: Delano Las Vegas

" ....opposition causes you to grow so you will know to hold tight to your faith and in all circumstances never let go..."

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Sunday, September 3, 2017


Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week. We have about 17 weeks left in 2017 and it's still time to get on track financially. It is said that by the first month of every new year that most people have given up on their goals. Therefore, it is imperative at certain times of the year to check and make sure you are definitely on track to hitting your financial goals and dreams.

 A great place to start is writing out your goals and reviewing them daily. The reason I say daily is so you won't forget what you are fighting for financially. Remember you are most inclined to do what's in front of you. Next make sure you develop a spending plan that mirrors your financial goals. A spending plan or what some call a budget should not restrict you but yet it should guide towards making better financial choices. Last, set a target date to hit your financial goals. It is more motivating to push through when you have a specific date you are fighting for. ...without a time frame then any place you fall will do because there is nothing that is challenging you.

As we close out another year here is a sample guide you can use to get back on track. If you are on track then use this guide to challenge yourself to do even more. This guide shows the amount you can put away each week and the potential it has to grow by year end. Basically begin your journey not focusing on where you currently are but most importantly where you are able to go.

Save weekly Total savings @ 17 weeks
 $25  $425
 $50  $850
 $100  $1,700
 $250  $4,250
 $500  $8,500

Thank you as always for reading and have a blessed weekend!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! Its been a blessed week for me. I finally found a contractor to do some home improvements. My Spanish studies are going very well and I'm staying focused on it daily. Most importantly I'm maintaining an attitude of gratitude and continuing to self develop every day.

Thank you as always for stopping by and have a blessed rest of the week!

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Monday, August 28, 2017


Location: The Broadmoor


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Friday, August 25, 2017


Happy Friday! Thank you for stopping by! Have a blessed rest of the week!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a beautiful week! I am in the process of making some  home improvements so yesterday was spent in meetings. I built my home 15 years ago and I was careful in choosing how I wanted the home to look. Therefore, throughout the years this saved me time from having to do any remodeling.

Well this is the look I wore. I went with a simple black and white color palette. My tank is very lightweight and layered comfortably under the blazer. I decided to tuck it in which transitioned it from relaxed to more professionally polished. I feel pairing the blazer with a black pencil skirt created an easy and streamlined business casual look.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed rest of the week!

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Monday, August 21, 2017


"..never be content until you are happy with the unique person you were created to be..."

Have a blessed week!

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Friday, August 18, 2017


Happy new day! I hope you are having a blessed week! The autumn season is approaching but with these extremely hot temperatures it seems so far away. This LBD has been a long time favorite of mine.... with the right accessories it can take you from day to night and season to season. Therefore it's super versatile and can save you loads of money. As for me, the money I saved by not purchasing another black dress will be used towards the $500 challenge.

I wanted to share a few quick tips on how to get started with saving and most importantly remaining consistent with it.

1. Have a financial vision for your life. A clear vision with time frames will push you and encourage you to spend wisely.

2. Clearly understand where you are financially. There is so much power in knowing where you are financially whether good or bad. It forces you into a mindset of accountability. The way you become accountable financially is by tracking every dollar spent and making sure it goes in the direction that best supports your financial vision.

3. Develop a consistent savings plan. Remember, pay yourself first because if you wait until the end then chances are you will spend your savings. The amount you start saving initially doesn't have to be a lot because most important is developing the habit of saving. Therefore big or small try to save and grow it all. Once the habit has been created then challenge yourself to save at least 50% of your income if possible to allow your savings an opportunity to compound faster.

4. Whether you are just starting the journey to saving or you are just working on increasing your savings just enjoy the process and remain grateful. The road to financial freedom is not easy but with complete joy the journey becomes worth it.


Thank you so much for your support and I pray you have  blessed weekend!

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Monday, August 7, 2017


LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, SC

"....prioritize your faith and never allow anything to distract you whether it's close or far away...."

Have a blessed week!