Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Happy new day! I wanted to share some common money mistakes and solutions:

1.  Mistake: Not negotiating the salary you truly desire and deserve when you are seeking a job.   The biggest raise most times you will ever receive is when you initially get hired.

  Solution: Figure out in advance what your time is worth! If your potential income only pays the bills and does not allow you to pay yourself then ask yourself is it truly worth your time. If you have an option negotiate for that number that will allow enough extra money to save and splurge if you desire.

****Tiny Tiff tip.. Get your salary in writing as a
well as yearly increases and bonuses before you accept the position.
2. Mistake: Not investing in your retirement. I know you have plenty of time right? No the time is NOW! The earlier you start saving the less you have to put away towards building your retirement income.

Solution: Invest early into your retirement plan at your job. If you own a business then it's important that your business is running efficiently so you can save a percentage of that income for your retirement. Remember as business owners we are our own retirement!! It's up to us to get it done!

3. Mistake: Relying on credit cards and not having the ability to immediately pay off the balance without incurring any interest.

Solution: Resort to a Cash System immediately where you pay for everything with cash. Another option is you can also have your credit card linked to your cash account. Therefore when you charge something the cash immediately pulls from your cash account. Now you can charge items guilt free and debt free.

4. Mistake: Not having a visual financial plan for your life. When you can see it, believe it then you will definitely seize it!

Solution: Get a pen and paper and write down your short term and long term financial goals. You can even draw or paste pictures of what your financial freedom plan looks like. At this point it becomes a blueprint for you to follow and a way to measure how well you are achieving your goals.

Well I hope that you have a blessed day! Thank you as always for your continued support!


  1. This is an amazing post! I feel many of us have a bad "relationship" with money, and we all should work on that. Thank for sharing

    D from TSD

    1. Thank you! It takes time to learn but the reward is worth it!

  2. Great tips...
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. Great tips! I think the credit card one is particularly important :) Too easy to rack up a huge bill if you're not careful!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I definitely agree it's a common mistake so having a spending plan will help to prevent it. Thank you and well wishes

  4. Great tips! You have full of wisdom when it comes to spending your money. You look absolutely stunning, Tiff! Love this look on you! What a cute yellow sweater!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy weekend love!
    Much love, Len