Friday, March 31, 2017


The love that you give each day will return happiness and blessings your way....deserving or not operate in love with all you got!

Have a blessed weekend!

 Twist back tank (here) & (here)
Tory Burch sandals (Here)
White skirt (here)
Versace sun glasses (here)

Friday, March 24, 2017


Happy Friday! Hope you are having the best week!

This look is entirely made up of pieces I purchased years ago. The most recent item is the top which was purchased last summer. I always try to start the season with items I currently have then replace items that have worn out with newer ones. However, I used to buy new items without any consideration for my current wardrobe. I was not maximizing my wardrobe and I definitely was wasting money.

Therefore, I found out that buying quality clothes and following the care instructions help to extend the life of my clothing. Last, I try and store my clothing properly by folding or putting it on hangers. Basically, the floor is a no no:) It definitely reduces wrinkles, save you time and most importantly will save you money. Remember there is always room to save!

Well thank you for reading and have a blessed weekend!

Antonio Melani dress...similar  (here)
Antonio Melani silk shirt...current season (here)
Gw pumps...similar  (here)
Versace sunglasses (here

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


"....As the seasons change your faith must remain the same...and step into it boldly and confidently expecting only great things..."

Happy new season! Have a blessed week and thank you so much for stopping by!


Fit and flare eyelet dress (here)
Gianvito Rossi heels similar (here) luxe for less (here)
Guess reversible logo belt (here)
Coach red bag (here)
Versace sunglasses  (here)

Friday, March 17, 2017


Happy Friday! I hope that you are having a wonderful week! I wanted to share the importance of having a spending plan for your wardrobe items. A spending plan just keeps you from overspending and hopefully saving more money. I never had a spending plan for my clothing items because I have always had a system of paying myself first(saving/investing), paying household expenses, then spend on items I want. However, once I started investing in luxury items like shoes I felt like a spending plan was necessary. ...and I do not want to be stepping on my inheritance that I'm leaving behind for my family:) Below is an example of how a spending plan looks. However, you can customize it to fit your needs. I would suggest writing out the exact items you purchased so you don't repeat buying items you already have. Well thank you for reading and have a blessed weekend!

 balance from 2016  $1,074.00
Deposit January  $300.00
 Amount Paid 
Clothing   $ 70.46
Shoes $ 1,110.00
Total  $ 1,180.46
Deposit February  $ 300.00
clothing   $ 308.00
shoes  $ 141.00
Total  $  449.00
Deposit March  $ 300.00
TOTAL DEPOSITS  $ 1,974.00
TOTAL EXPENSES  $ 1,629.46
BALANCE  $  344.54

 pinstripe white jacket....similar (here)
Miss Mee skinny jeans........ (here)
zip up sweater. .......similar  (here)
pumps........similar  (here) and (here)
red crossbody.............similiar (here)
Versace sunglasses...(here)

Monday, March 13, 2017

MY QUOTE OF THE DAY! attract positive energy and belief along the way invest time into being the best you and your faith will increase in the biggest way..

Have a blessed week!

Anne Klein sheath dress... similar  (here)
Furla satchel (here)
Versace sunglasses  (here)

Friday, March 10, 2017


Happy Friday! I hope that you are having a beautiful week!  Tunics come in many lengths and styles so finding ones that compliment your figure is key. They are perfect for many occasions and most importantly save you time and money! Anytime you can invest in clothing that can be easily paired multiple ways you are saving plenty of money that can directed towards financial independence.

1.  When on a warm vacation tunics can act as a layering item over bathing suits. When you are not on the beach you can pair with shorts or crop pants to create an easy on the go fabulous tourist look.

2 . When preparing for an elegant dinner you can wear a flowy tunic top as a dress accessorized with fancy jewelry. It can also be paired with some cute heels or flats.

3.  Another option is to wear tunics to work. You may want to go for mid calf lengths to keep it professional and layer with a blazer for a perfectly suited look.

Well thank yo so much for stopping by and I hope that you have a blessed weekend!

Sophie Max fit and flare tunic...similar  (here)
faux leather skirt...similar (here)
Versace sunglasses (here )
Sam Edelman black heels (here)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


...The bigger the dream the more you must know....never to lose faith and endure as you grow....

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week filled with blessings and love 

Antonio Melani floral dress..similar  (here)
Jimmy Choo ankle strap pumps similar  (here) luxe for less (here)
Versace sunglasses (here)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Happy March! I hope your month has been great so far! This year is moving along very quickly. This is a great time to make sure you are investing properly for your future so your 2017 will be better financially than 2016. The statistics say that close to 60% of Americans don't have $1,000 in savings and 50% of the workers have $25,000 or less in retirement. That means a lot of people are paying everyone else except for themselves.

 Remember the biggest bill in your home should be yourself!  I've always kept it simple in terms of finances.  ... Simplicity wins!

-Emergency fund
-Short term accounts
-Long term wealth building accounts

 These accounts should be set up properly in accordance to your immediate and long term needs.

 Once you have developed these wealth building accounts you can start to do things like the
 $500 challenge that I recently started. The money from this challenge is extra money that can be placed towards the three accounts to collapse time frame and speed up the process to financial freedom. You also can just spend the extra money from this challenge. When your main accounts are in place and functioning properly you can spend extra money especially on larger purchases guilt free.

 Well thank you for your reading and I pray you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!

Tahari sheath dress (here)
gold ankle strap pumps (here)
Versace sunglasses (here) or luxe for (less)
Aigner bag....  current season  (here)