Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a great week! I share a lot on things I do not spend money on. Therefore I can invest into things like my $500 challenge. However, today I wanted to share the things I do spend money on. 

1. I spend on food and supplements. It is so important to me what I put inside my body so if that cost a little bit more then I'm okay with that. I'm more driven to purchase items based on the effects it will have on my body and overall health. The healthier you are the more you save money due to lower doctor or hospital visits.

2. I spend on moisturizers, sunscreen, and other skincare products.. I do not wear makeup other than lip gloss so it's important to keep my skin and teeth as healthy as possible.

3. I spend on my home. My home is a comfortable and relaxing space for me so I definitely do not mind investing the money to maintain that feeling. For example , I don't have a gym membership  but I do have a gym in my home. This does not only save me money but it creates a space to promote good health.

4. I spend on automobiles.  I drive practically everywhere so I need reliable transportation. Therefore having an automobile and an extra one as backup is a must for me.

5. Last, I spend on others. It feels so great to surprise someone with lunch/dinner, quality time, or gifts. The act of giving whether in time or money is a huge expression of love! Love is a powerful motivating force! Most times people want to give from the heart but their pockets will not allow it. I feel making good financial choices with money can reverse this and give you the opportunity to give more. Most importantly, it always feels better to be a blessing to someone else in whatever way you can!

As always thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week ahead!

Antonio Melani knit peplum top.... (here)
white linen shorts.... (here)
Gianvito Rossi pumps (here) luxe for less (here)
Cynthia Rowley bag (old).....similar  (here)
Jessica Simpson sunglasses  (here)


  1. You look pretty
    Beautiful styling

  2. Love the red shoes for a touch of colour with your outfit! :)

    I agree food is a nice area tos pend on, as is giving to others. Both make you feel good, and that's important! :)

    Hope you are having a great week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog