Monday, July 17, 2017


Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I wanted to share a quick tip on how I save money and most importantly time by investing in the clothes I currently have. Last year, when I started the $500 challenge I was inspired to reorganize my closet in a way that could help me save money towards this challenge. At this time, I honestly could have gone a long time without repeating wearing the same clothing. I realized that I had more than enough but I was still accumulating so much more. Therefore,  I prayed for clarity in how to stop being wasteful with my clothes and most importantly in all areas of my life.  

After my closet makeover I was left with items I truly love to wear, fit properly, and are made of great quality. Now, I don't let any items enter into my closet unless I'm certain the items will coordinate with the clothing I currently have. This ensures that I will definitely wear the item verses it sitting in my closet occupying space. I also love that I don't duplicate buying  items I currently have in my closet because I am more aware of what I have now.  Basically, my purchases are intentional and it saves me so much time, energy and money.

This floral dress was purchased last year and the length was almost past my knees. I really wanted this item to stay in my summer wardrobe for this year because I love the print. However, I didn't like the fit. I'm 5 '1 so this dress being so long made me look even shorter. One option was to buy another floral dress that fit the way I desired. However,  I decided to take it to my tailor and it cost me $16 to get this dress altered to fit properly. Well for that price I feel I could not buy another dress made of this quality for $16. I not only save money but I saved time searching online or in the stores looking for another dress. Our time is one of God's greatest gifts and I would rather use my time in the best way to honor that gift.

As always thank you for reading! Have a blessed week!

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  1. this post is amazing :)

  2. That's a beautiful dress! Definitely a good idea to get it tailored as it fits you perfectly and the length is great now!

    With my 6 months without shopping I've really been made aware of how many clothes I have in my wardrobe - I haven't needed to buy anything at all!

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I agree Mica! When you are aware of what you have it is always enough! Thank you and have a blessed week!