Friday, September 22, 2017


Hi! Happy Friday!  I wanted to share a few of my dresses that I will be wearing into the autumn season. One of the biggest ways to save money is to shop your current wardrobe. secret right? Now, I realize retailers are advertising their new fall items and essentials  but that's their mission to sell merchandise. However, my mission is help others to find value and appreciation in what they currently have and to make the best decisions towards financial freedom. That does not mean no shopping just being intentional about it so in the long range you can have more money to save or invest.

 In order to curb that appetite to buy more stuff I ask my self several questions when purchasing a new item.

1. What has led me to this store or online shopping? I'm big on self development and part of self development is not letting your emotions control you. You control your emotions with practicing good daily habits. 

2. Would I pay full price for this item if it wasn't on sale? Who doesn't  like a great deal but that is not a good reason to buy it. 

3. Am I willing to let go in order to receive? I really try to remove an item especially if it's worn out or I have a similar item like it in my wardrobe.

4. Would this item compliment my current wardrobe? I must be able to think of 3 -5 items I can pair it with before I'll purchase it.

5. Is this my style? I see so many fabulous outfits on other people and they look amazing . However, knowing my personal style keeps me from buying items that are not true to me and my personal style philosophy.

6. Last, how does it feel? The texture and feel is so important because I want the item to feel comfortable and last for quite some time.

Now, a quick glimpse into what dresses I will be wearing.  A little black dress is a wardrobe must have for me. I updated my LTD with this off shoulder dress

I absolutely adore this dress and have worn it a lot of times. There are so many  floral options this season.

A leather dress can really update any wardrobe. This fit and flare style layers perfectly with blazer, sweater or cardigan. I even adore the idea of a blouse layered underneath. There are so many leather or faux leather options available.  I just say invest in a quality one that suit your style and budget.

I haven't worn this dress yet but it will definitely be in my autumn wardrobe. I particularly like the silhouette of this dress.

Metallic is on trend and a metallic wrap dress provides a bright and chic option for a fall date night.

Red is big this season. However my only red dress was ruin this year. I decided not to replace it since I had these two dresses. These dresses are not red but close enough:) 

What ways are you being conscious of your spending habits? Well thanks as always for reading and have a blessed rest of the week. 


  1. You have so many beautiful dresses, but that metallic wrap dress is my favourite, what a pretty dress! :)

    Good points too! It's been interesting curbing my shopping habits this year - I used to be browsing stores for no real reasons and I haven't done that for a while now!

    Hope you are having a lovely week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you Mica! true I used to do the same thing:) Pray you are having a great weekend!