Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Happy Wednesday! I pray you are having a wonderful week! In the past I did not wear many belts. I always felt belts were only to be worn with jeans until I discovered how a good belt could pull different looks together perfectly. A belt can be small, large, dressy, casual, cheap, or expensive. Therefore belts can be very versatile which can make it tricky to find a good one that will compliment your overall look.

I store my belts on a belt organizer. This allows all my belts to be in one place easily displayed so I can clearly see what options I have. This saves me time as I get dressed. It also saves me money and prevents me from buying duplicate belts.

I also have a belt hole puncher. I'm pretty sure most people have had a belt that doesn't fit properly so having one makes the belt fit better to your body by placing the holes where it is needed.

A belt is an extension of your personal style. Therefore, its important to clearly know your personal style so you can identify the right belt to compliment an outfit. If not then a belt that was meant to compliment can end competing with the look you wanted to create.

 When I started the $500 challenge last year I knew I had to find more ways to maximize the clothing I currently had if I wanted to save more money to invest towards this project. Therefore, taking advantage of my accessories such as belts was a simple and inexpensive way to do this.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week! 

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  1. You look super chic and stylish, Tiff! Love your closet! SO PRETTY!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len