Friday, December 8, 2017


Happy Friday! I pray you are having a great week!  This financial Friday I wanted to share an inexpensive gift that is very luxe and beautiful. This flower would make a wonderful Christmas gift for almost anyone. It comes in a glass vase with rocks and a huge bulb in the bottom.

 It took several weeks of sunlight and water before it started blooming. It was an exciting experience seeing the transformation.  Now four flowers have fully bloomed and it's still growing. It has become a beautiful centerpiece in my breakfast room just in time for Christmas. It is very low maintenance which is perfect because I do not have a green thumb:)

This time of the year a lot of shoppers overspend resulting in debt that roll forward into the new year.  Never forget the reason for the season and your journey towards financial freedom. Therefore setting up an account that you deposit a little into throughout the year is a great way to save for gift giving. It also keeps you from overspending. A gift like this flower is another way to save you money and give someone a beautiful experience they could cherish for quite some time. The way the flowers multiply I would call it the gift that keeps giving.

As always thanks for reading and have a blessed rest of the week.


  1. Oh what a beautiful flower and gift! It's great that you were able to look after it and make it bloom too! I have killed so many plants as I just don't have a green thumb!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! After a crazy week I'm hoping to do a little bit more for Christmas, getting those last few gifts and doing some more wrapping!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Such a beautiful flower and such good advice :) xxx