Friday, December 29, 2017


Happy Friday! I pray you are having a wonderful week! Wow, this is the last Friday of 2017!  I am so grateful I made it another year. I wanted to share a few things I have learned over the years that will help me moving forward in 2018.

1. Override my emotions! Naturally our emotions will try to lead us in the opposite direction of where we desire to go. Therefore, I learned to control my emotions with good daily habits. For example, a few of my goals were to become more fit , read and write daily, and become fluent in Spanish. Therefore, I started putting daily habits in place like mentioned in this blog post here that has helped me to override my emotions and achieve my goals. Therefore, the result was I started growing daily and showing myself approved in these areas of my life.

2. I developed the resilience to keep going. There were times I felt I was taking 3 steps forward. ...yaaay:) then at other times I took 2 steps back. However, the key to it all was that I was still ahead!!! I just had to develop an attitude of gratitude and remain resilient in the process of any challenges or setbacks.

3. I learned to be discipline in my choices in all areas of my life. I do today what I will be happy with tomorrow verses doing what feels good today and regretting it tomorrow. My financial choices are no longer based on what feels good in the moment but based on where I desire to be in the future.  It's ironic how I developed discipline from facing the consequences of being undisciplined.

4. Minimalism for me has become a journey to have a spaces filled with items I love, appreciate and use fully. I am not controlled by the latest trends but yet instead I invest in more quality items. I only add items to my wardrobe that reflect my personal style philosophy. The result has been less time choosing what to wear because now I love it all. Most importantly I save money by not having a closet or space filled with things I don't use. As mentioned here I defined minimalism for myself.

5. I built my home over 15 years ago and still today  clutter free spaces are a must. Again good habits have helped me with this process. I realized over the years that when spaces are uncluttered then thoughts are uncluttered. Therefore your thoughts are free to grow and develop.

6. Last,  Never giving up! I have failed at a few things over the years. Those failures helped me to become better and not bitter. I learned failing does not define your life as a failure if you grow from it and have the courage to keep moving forward.

I'm so grateful you decided to stop by in 2017 and support Dash of Fash and Finance. Have a blessed rest of the week and a prosperous 2018!

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