Monday, October 15, 2018


Happy Monday and happy new week! One of the biggest setbacks for most people are their thoughts. Our lives tend to move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. We all experience negative situations at some point in our lives; however only positive thoughts can bring about positive solutions.

The reason I am so protective over my thoughts is because that is how negativity gains access to your life. You have to develop a barrier to negativity and that is called mental toughness. There are a few ways I protect my thoughts. I invest time daily into becoming better in the inside. It maybe a few minutes reading, praying or when I'm exercising I spend time listening to a positive motivating messages. I also write in my journal because that is my safe place to build my positive thoughts. I even carry around a mini journal so when I have free time throughout the day I can write down encouraging thoughts.  Whatever it is I'm obsessed with a good heart and healthy thoughts. The key to all of this is not only to learn it but to live it out in a positive way.

I constantly throughout the day literally stop and ask myself... "what are you thinking" If I discover that my current thoughts are not in line with where I want to go in life and the person I desire to be then I instantly replace that thought. This process keeps my most positive thoughts close to me and tells negativity there is no space available. Remember you have to inspect what you expect to happen in your life.

I pray this day is a blessed day for you !Thank you for stopping by!

Dress: Vince camuto
Blazer: Antonio Melani
Glasses: Versace

Monday, October 8, 2018


I hope everyone is having an awesome month so far! My goal is to share the extended version of today's message very soon in English and Spanish to a wide audience of people. However, today I will only focus on few key points. I developed a new friendship yesterday and our conversation was based on "changes for the overall good." I really get inspired when God connects  me with people I can I have deep thought provoking conversations with.

As we are entering the last quarter of 2018, this is such a great month to reflect on the past but most importantly prepare for the changes of the future. If you have not crossed off everything on your 2018 list then remember that allowing yourself to remain in the past will always cause worry. The only thing that reduces that stress is focusing on what you can do now in the present. Therefore a few tips on changes that can be implemented NOW:

1) Self develop today! That just means mediate on the good things, read things to build your confidence and faith, or listen to faith building messages. The key focus is to become the BEST YOU today...tomorrow will be too late!

2) Write down what needs to be done now! Have you ever gone to the store and said "I forgot what I came to get!" Well that's how quickly your commitments get lost when you do not write them down somewhere on paper, cell phone, I pad, or a of those will work:) Remember VISUALIZATION  brings things to REALIZATION

3) Take ACTION! Taking action does not mean that you will not experience failure along the way or see immediate positive just means you're taking the necessary steps towards making things happen along with a vision for your life and the faith to fulfill it!

I pray this will help someone to find COURAGE & TO NOT BE AFRAID about your journey today in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Have a blessed new week!

Dress: Michael Kors.......sold Here

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I have never revised a blog post unless I noticed a weird grammer error. However, today I am led to add one last inperative step to accountability.

 I pray you are having a wonderful week! Today I spoke to a small group about individual accountability. Most times it is easier to judge the actions of others than to look deep within ourselves. Once you look within it forces you to change especially if you do not like what you see. This process of changing is never easy but it is essential in order to live your best life. Well, how does it look when you are changing and holding yourself accountable?

You start using the word "I". Once you have reached a level of accountability you stop blaming and start accepting the choices you made. You get to a  point of understanding that your choices are learning lessons that you will be able to apply going forward in your life. A lesson learned is not a failure to me it is actually a valuable win.

You use your time wisely to get better. When you spend so much time avoiding accountability then you spend less time working on getting better. In order to get better it requires a daily focus. Therefore seek ways you can get better through prayer, reading and meditation. If you are not getting better than you are growing bitter towards people and things around you.

You accept your uniqueness. Accountability requires that you get in tune with your heart, thoughts and actions. Only then will you realize that you were created to be special. That uniqueness may not fit perfectly in this world. Honestly, it will not fit:) However, your uniqueness and positive inspiration is exactly what this world needs.

Never ever give up. When God has planted a vision in your heart you have to give it time to harvest. In that process, you may experience a lot of worry, pain and confusion. ...and emotions of giving up on what makes you unique. However, give all of these things to God because you can not control them. Only then, can you focus with clarity and less worry on making the vision a reality. Remember, accountability comes from overriding undeserving emotions with a commitment to living out positive daily actions. Someone is waiting on the other side of your completed vision to become inspired to achieve more. never give up!

Remember, God didn't use perfect people. He used imperfect people that were willing to be held accountable and willing to make a heart change.

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day!

Dress: Anne Klein.....similar sold Here

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Happy Tuesday! Long before starting this hobby of blogging, I have always collected heels. A statement heel has always been apart of my personal style philosophy. The construction of heels fasinates me even more. I took this photo months ago while getting dress before volunteering. All the little children kept saying they liked my shoes that day. I guess it was the sparkly stuff on the shoes:) 

 The fact that I have taken a more minimalist approach with my clothing has given me more space to display my shoe collection. Now, over half of my closet is filled with shoes. My love for shoes inspired me to start focusing on things I love more than spending which is saving and  giving. It feels so much better to give than to receive. That is what I love about blogging. I can share what experience and knowledge God has blessed me with in order to help others. It allows me to give without any expectations in return.

There are so many people in need of the things I often value too lightly . Therefore, through prayer and actively seeking I have been blessed with opportunities to give. I am particularly excited about the program I connected with that provides children in school with shoes. Sadly lack of shoes are preventing children from learning but I am grateful that awareness is being created. 

 God says to not only give but be a cheerful giver. Now that takes daily heart work !

As always thank you for reading and have a blessed week!

Friday, September 28, 2018


Happy Friday! I pray you are having a beautiful week! When I started
  Dash of Fash and Finance  I wanted it to be a space where others could freely come and get a dash of fashion and finance information. That mission still holds true today, but over time I grew towards adding a motivation category.  Many things inspire us but only motivation can move us. That motivation comes by investing time into doing daily heart work. My goal is to assist in doing the work so you achieve success in the areas you desire growth in.

 Just a few quick ways I do the heart work within so I can position myself through God to win.

Journaling it out.  The bible is filled with words on paper and with an open heart those words have power to transform you. In addition, the words you write on paper that are backed by  your belief and desire also have power to transform. When you journal it allows clutter to move out and clarity to move in. Remember a cluttered mind leads to other cluttered areas in your life. Once you truly have clarity then you are in position to fight for your vision.

Feed faith not fear. There is a real struggle today between faith and fear. However, the one you focus on the most is the one that grows and ultimately prevails when making decisions in life. Therefore, I feed my faith daily with the words of God and listening to faith building messages. These two habits do not have to take a longtime but they do require consistency.  God says we were not given a spirit of fear. However, we sometimes face fearful situations but those situations can and will be defeated with faith.

Take action. First, you have to see where you are headed in life through the vision God gives you.  Once you see it then you can not be afraid to speak it. Remember he hears all:) Last, you have to seize it. It is not the talk that brings change it is the walk that leads to it. Take action now and live your words out. ..and remember every step even the small ones matter.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed weekend

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Happy Tuesday! I pray you are having a beautiful week! On Friday's blog post I wore Autumn inspired dress #1 . It was a mock neck dress that gave the illusion of autumn. Today's look is all about layering with an array of colors. Again, it is very hot so for me colors are a great way to get into the autumn game. ...without actually having to be all the way in:)

I framed this entire look with my forever black pieces. The  scrappy sandals and the moto adds a dash of edginess. Not to mention the black eye protection is a must.

Thank you for reading and your kind words. Have a blessed new week!

Rachael Roy striped dress....similar sold ( Here )
Michael Kors Strappy high sandals........similar sold ( Here )
Moto jacket.....similar sold ( Here )

Friday, September 21, 2018


The season has changed but never forget that your faith must always remain the same. Faith arrives when you can trust and obey in all seasons and circumstances. However, it only remains when discipline and the desire for  personal growth becomes a daily part of your life.

My favorite kind of dress to wear in the autumn season is a mock neck dress. The neckline gives the illusion of autumn attire. However, in our autumn season it still feels like summer. Therefore wearing a sleeveless  dress allows me to cope with the warmer temperatures:)

Again, it is all about the illusion of an autumn season. Therefore, I warpped the laces of the sandals up my legs for a more gladiator type feel. It seems to draw more attention to the bottom ruffle details of the dress.

As for jewelry, I always take a minimalist approach and wear my gold pieces that I have collected over the years. The necklace by far is my favorite because it draps perfectly over the dress and the Chinese abacus charm adds an interesting pop to the look.

In addition,  this dress seems to dash to life once layered with a blazer or jacket. As always, thank you for reading. Have a blessed weekend and faithful new season.

Mock neck sweater dress....similar sold Here
Schutz sandals...sold Here

Monday, September 17, 2018


Happy Monday! It is time to make some Monday moves and be fearless in the process. Remember, if you feel the fear then with God you can still persevere!  In a world with tons of fear you can get lost without a clear plan and purpose for your life.

 The word of God says, "he has not given us a spirit of fear." I believe that with everything in me. That does not mean we will not face fearful situations but the solution will always point to God. He will always provide and direct your path if you believe.

The enemy desires God's people to be fearful. The enemy will try as many avenues as possible to get access into your life. Remember any unguarded part of your life is an entry way for the enemy.  The only way to overcome this and to guard your life is to rely on God's promises and speak those promises while believing it. God commanded one of his greatest leaders  Joshua to keep his law  day and night on his lips and to meditate on it. This is the only way to keep your heart and mind guarded from negativity and fear. Well, that truth still applies even today!

Last, ask yourself what are you fearing exactly and is that fear stronger than God. As believers, we serve a God that can take the most unfortunate situations and turn them around for good. Therefore, instead of entertaining fear we always have an option to live fully in faith. Is this easy? ..of course not but the reward of living a fruitful life makes it all worth it.

I pray that you have a fearless, faithful and blessed new week!

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Friday, September 14, 2018


Have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings and love!

      Lauren Ralph Lauren print dress....sold  Here
      Michael kors Hutton sandals ....sold Here

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Happy Wednesday! I am continuing  my dash of fash and finance white staple series from last week.  We strive to display how investing in a few timeless and classic pieces can maximize your wardrobe and provide a variety of styling solutions.

 I wore this look again on Tuesday for date day with hubby. Short sets have been a big trend this summer but I knew I would not incorporate this into my wardrobe until temperatures were quite a bit cooler. It is still scorching hot but yesterday was cooler than normal.

The white blazer like the white skirt is a staple that can be worn year round.  This week is about how you can pair the white blazer different ways in different seasons. I wore it here with leather shorts. The blazer tones down the edginess  of the leather and creates a chic autumn transition look.  A few other ways I adore styling this white blazer are below.

 Whether it is paired with leather or denim pants this blazer compliments them all. I particularly love it with a skirt. I plan to post more upcoming looks on how I belt my blazers. Of course this is not a new concept but it defines the midsection and when belted over soft layers it creates a fresh combination for day or night.

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day

First look

Ralph Lauren blazer.....similar Here
Cache leather shorts(no longer available )....similar Here
Sam Edelman pumps........sold Here
Versace sunglasses

Second look

Coach crossbody
Gianvito Rossi heels....sold Here
Faux leather high rise pants....sold Here

Monday, September 10, 2018


Happy Monday, I pray you had a blessed weekend! Last Monday it was all about the statement skirt and this Monday is about the statement dress with much attitude and gratitude:) Well, it's time to make some Monday Moves again!


Gratitude is everything! Happy people are grateful and that gratitude extends far beyond whatever is happening in life.

When you are making Monday Moves you have an attitude of gratitude and willingly share that positive energy with others . Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed new week!

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Coach Madison Christie bag....sold Here
Vince Camuto dress.....similar sold Here
Gianvito Rossi pumps.....sold Here

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Happy Saturday! Have you ever received any extra or unexpected money and immediately spent it..then you could not recall what you even spent it on. Well that is due most often to not preparing in advance financially. If you are tracking your finances daily then you become more aware of how to delegate your money. This awareness is a critical process to preparing for an unforeseen money crisis or unexpected extra cash flow.  Basically, when you track your finances and extra money arrives you will immediately know what to do and how to do it.

Therefore, I want to list some options for what to do with extra money so you can start planning in advance.

You can pay down debt. The  average credit card debt, student loan debt, and debt overall is rising. The lack of income and shortage of emergency funds is causing people to resort to borrowing money.  When you borrow money you must pay it back along with interest. The interest can be very high which will prolong the time it takes to pay the entire debt off.  There is also a possibility that your credit score will be affected as well.   Not only can debt affect you financially but it can affect you mentally.   It can be so draining to the point that it causes some people to get depressed or stressed out leading to severe health issues.  It's very difficult to make the right financial choices when your health is not in the best condition. Therefore if you plan in advance how you can pay down the debt then when the extra arrives you will immediately see the benefit in doing it.

You can save for that dream home. If you are a homeowner then pay additional on the mortgage. This could save you years and a lot of interest.  If you are saving interest then you're definitely saving money. Ownership is a powerful wealth building tool.  At the end of every hard work should be  the reward of ownership. 

 You can start an emergency fund.  You can determine how much goes into this fund by adding all your monthly expenses.  That amount multiplied by 3 will equal 3 months of expenses;therefore, you can start saving towards that amount. However in an unstable  economy  you may want to save 6  to 12 months or even more. 

You can start your retirement.  If you want to retire you have to plan for it and most importantly save towards it.  The lack of savings and increase in inflation is causing people to  continue working way past the time frame of when they should be retired.  There is a point where working should be an option not a need;  however, lack of planning forfeits this option There are things that must be in place first  before starting any retirement so seek professional advice then you can begin your journey to saving towards financial freedom!

Last option is to enjoy it.  Your idea of enjoying it may be blessing someone is always better to give than receive!  You may decide to splurge on an item you wanted for quite some time.  ...either way if you have prepared in advance financially then you'll be confident in whatever choice that you make when spending your extra unexpected money.

 Thank you so much for reading. I have been apart of creating financial services awareness and solutions for my clients for over 15 years. Therefore, I know a lot of people would rather avoid talking about it and subjecting themselves to judgment from others. Remember, only God alone has the power to judge and he is always there to help. However, you have to use what he has blessed you with to help yourself and move forward. Therefore, starting the conversation is the only way to start the journey towards financial freedom and consistent daily habits is the way to complete the journey. Feel free to comment or reach out for questions.  Have a blessed weekend and I will see you next week!

Dress: 1 state
shoes: Nine West
glasses: Versace

Friday, September 7, 2018


Happy Friday!!! Yes, I am in my workout The buzz is women are taking their expensive handbags to the gym. Now, I only go to the gym during the summer months, and the majority of the year I workout in my home gym. However, when I do go to the gym I take this large Kate Spade tote. It is very spacious and the color is perfect for the summer.

Of course, this bag is not as expensive as the birkin bags some women are carrying to the gym. However, $200 is a lot for a handbag. Especially if you realize that $200/month equate to $2400 in one year, $12,000 in 5 years and with a good rate of return has the possibility to grow to $100k plus in 10 years.

Ok back to the subject at hand. I totally agree with women carrying their expensive or quality bags to the  gym. Here's why...

1) Unless you collect bags just as a hobby they are meant to be worn and most importantly enjoyed wherever you go.

2) I work out a lot and honestly some mornings can be tough. I have to override my emotions to stay  in bed with my commitment to good daily habits. Therefore, if carrying a cute bag makes a women feel more motivated to workout then that is an awesome thing. ...because health is wealth!!

3) I carry my changing clothes, water, and tons of other items in my gym handbag. When I would leave the gym this summer I would head to the supermarket or to a meeting. Therefore having a cute bag that transitions from the gym to the next destination is very important. It saves time not having to change from one bag to another. As we know, time is one of God's greatest gifts:). Most importantly how we honor God with that time is key!

Well , I appreciate you stopping by and if you are headed to the gym then grab your best handbag and confidently workout to become the best you. Remember, the greatest change starts inside out.

 Have a great weekend filled with blessings and love!

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Happy Thursday! What better way to celebrate confidence than in a red dress:) Confidence is so important because most of our decisions are made based on how we feel about ourselves. In addition,  most times you will spend "more than" when you are feeling "less than". Therefore here's a couple  ways to instantly build your confidence. Remember God chose us even before we were born and we were created in his image. Now that is the ultimate confidence booster:)

First, it all starts by studying. Anyone that is successful or skilled in a particular area had to study in that area. For example, I wanted to increase my faith so I had to become disciplined in studying daily. When you study you are growing and building your confidence.

Last way to build confidence is to give. Of course giving money is an awesome way to give and we must do that.  However,there are others ways to give  and help others. I knew once I starting reading and building my faith I had to share it. God says it is better to give than to receive. Therefore, this blog is an example of giving to others.

Remember always that God is the cure for the insecure!

As always thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Happy Wednesday! I pray you are having a great week! This is my least worn skirt of 2018 which is opposite of my most worn skirt on Monday's blog post Here .  I really understand that I am breaking my own rule by not maximizing all of my wardrobe items and it  stops today! As you can see below this skirt has a delicate floral print. However, that is not a valid excuse for not wearing it often.

As mentioned on my blog post on yesterday, maximizing current wardrobe pieces will save you money and time. Therefore, I plan to find different ways to style this skirt. However, like any goal I set there must be a deadline. Therefore by the end of September I am challenging myself to style this skirt differently at least 4 times this month. Not including the way I styled it Here in a blogpost earlier this summer.

As always thank u for reading and have a blessed day!

X by Gottex mock neck tank...similar sold Here
Antonio Melani skirt......similar sold Here

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

$500 challenge update..

Happy Tuesday! I pray you are having a great week! I wanted to do a quick update on ways to save money for the $500 challenge. If you are new to "dash of fash and finance" then here is the link to the post Here that explains how I started the challenge almost 2 years ago.  Remember it is best to have a separate account for this challenge so you can keep track of it and not risk commingling it with other savings accounts you have. The money from this challenge can go anywhere like towards you retirement, vacation or paying down debt. The overall purpose is to inspire and let dash of fash and finance followers know that you do have enough to reach your financial goals and dreams. You just have to get creative about working towards it. 

Well, I want to share a  few ways I am currently earning cash outside of my business income. Each time I save up $500 I am applying it to this $500 challenge account. 

Focus on buying quality items! This saves me so much money and time. I no longer have to repeatedly replace items that do no last. For example, the skirt I wore on yesterdays blog post Here was a quality item. This item is versatile and will last for a very long time without having to replace it, as long as I continue to take proper care of it. Now, this same process of buying quality items relates to other purchases like home, etc.

Selling items I am no longer using. This is awesome for the environment if you are into that. I sold an old washer and dryer, furniture and some clothing I no longer wanted. Again, since these items were quality purchases and I try to take care of things I am blessed with then I was able to sell them for a reasonable price. 

It always surprises me when I receive an unexpected check. Well, since I never knew it was coming and I didn't need it then it was saved in the $500 challenge account.

Oh, the picture from above is how I styled my white skirt for summer. Instead of going out and purchasing white pants, shorts, etc this summer.  You know, the excuse we can give ourselves to buy more..haha:) I just used the white item I already had in my closet. I used this white skirt as a summer staple piece all summer long and it saved me tons of money. I actually got creative with how I will wear it in the autumn season:)

I know I said this would be quick so I will wrap up. I am so excited to share more and I encourage you to join in!  As always thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

Monday, September 3, 2018


Happy September! I hope your month is off to a fresh and fast start! I am making Monday moves with this skirt. This was my first look for the month and I absolutely adore it.  We do not experience true autumn weather until mid to late October. Therefore until then I will be layering with colors instead of layering with clothes.

 This Trina Turk skirt was a new addition to my wardrobe in 2018. I believe this is the new Conversation skirt for the upcoming autumn season.  I absolutely adore the metallic print in the one I am wearing. This skirt has become a season to season favorite for me because of the various ways I can style it. The key to styling this skirt during the warmer months has been sleeveless solid tops and minimal accessories. In this current  lookbook, I paired my long time fav silk cranberry top which made the metallic print pop even more. I decided not to wear the watch and replaced it with my gold tennis bracelet and heart bracelet which complimented well.

 I was unsure initially  about the pearl ankle strap pumps until I added my black leather bag.  Once I saw the entire look together I instantly loved it.  Earlier this summer I paired this skirt HERE with a black sleeveless top and lace up sandals. This created a more relaxed daytime look quite opposite of what I am wearing here. That is what excites me about a statement skirt, the option to create endless ways to dress it up or down. You will definitely see this skirt being worn more in the upcoming autumn season.

As always, thank you for reading and have a blessed new week!

Ann Taylor top(sold out)....similar tops sold Here
Trina Turk skirt.....current season sold here
Vince Camuto ankle strap pump....current season  sold  Here

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! I am weeks away from starting my 9th year of bible study. A few of us always stay in constant contact throughout the summer break. However, I am super excited to be back  in fellowship with hundreds of sisters in Christ as we learn and mature in God's word.

Even though I am excited for what lies ahead this 9th year, I am super excited for what is happening in my life now! My prayer is to never be so future focused that I miss the good that is presently available today.

 As I went shopping yesterday, I saw so many stores preparing to display their autumn merchandise. Now, I understand it is all about profits for the company and getting their customers to focus their time and money on a new season. However, it mentally shifts the present focus of most people who do not understand how to prepare for tomorrow yet still live for today.

It all sums up to a choice! The choice is to shift everything into the hopes of a new season or flourish fully in the season you are currently planted in. It doesn't matter whether your current season is in drought or it is a good harvest. God promises joy in all seasons and all circumstances. Therefore, why not live it fully engaged, learning what God needs you to know, and with pure joy allow your season to help you grow.

As always thank you for reading and I appreciate your kind words. Have a blessed rest of the week!

Tahari ASL dress...sold Here

Monday, August 27, 2018


Happy new week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I plan to do a separate post on this comfy jumpsuit but today is about making Monday Moves!! As mentioned last week Monday is a wonderful opportunity to get your week off to a fresh and fast start! ...but you have to be all in or nothing will change in your day, week, month or life. For me, I understood many years ago that in terms of my faith I had to be "all in." For you, it may be some other area of your life. Either way you can only experience the success of true joy when you are all in and fully engaged.

How does it look when you are fully engaged and all in?

You have an attitude of the upmost gratitude. Regardless of your circumstances you are grateful because you know God is teaching and growing you.

You eliminate all excuses! As mentioned last week, you use your AM hours to get ahead and take charge of your day! Basically you understand that you have to find a way to win and that may require some stretching and sacrificing to do it.

You grow one day at a time. My faith did not grow overnight it grew daily by implementing habits that I committed to do each day.

You focus your attention on what matters. God says, " don't worry about tomorrow". Basically we can never control tomorrow but we can control how we respond to life today.

Last, when you are "all in" you never ever give up. Remember God never forsakes us. Now, he may get a little quiet but he is always there for us. That is the greatest comfort and biggest reason ever to continue fighting for more!

As always, thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

Lauren Ralph Lauren jumpsuit....sold Here

Friday, August 24, 2018


Happy Friday! I pray you are having a great week!  This is a midi dress but since I am short it fits like a maxi:) However, I decided not to hem it and wear it as is. I currently own two maxi dresses but I decided to add this one for several reasons. 1) It hits at my ankle unlike the other two dresses below. This allows my heels to be displayed. 2) This dress also comes with a sash which allows me to define my waist or wear it loosely. 3) Last, the print and color is perfect for all seasons. That is exactly what I look for in my clothing to be able to wear it year round. Not to mention, I can layer it into our autumn season quite easily.

Most importantly, I did not want to duplicate a dress I already owned. Therefore, to assist in my new dress purchase I used my Amazon Echo look. I took side by side pics of the maxi dresses I currently owned. It allowed me to see all the features of both dresses in comparison to the new one perfectly. Now, I have three maxi dresses that I adore. If I find a solid color that I love then I will definitely remove one of these dresses from my wardrobe. As mentioned before, an uncluttered space creates an uncluttered life.

Well, thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend!

Dress 1: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Dress 2: Ralph Lauren
Dress 3: Michael Kors

Monday, August 20, 2018


Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I pray you are excited about getting your Monday off to a fresh and fast start! The key to me getting my day off  to a fresh start is taking advantage of my early morning hours. Is waking up early easy? No, if it was then everyone would be doing it right:) However, I am so grateful because the price I pay to wake up early is worth the reward I receive in my daily life! I wanted to quickly share a few things I achieve in my morning hours.

 I just believe God did not design our bodies to be idle. Therefore, I feel most inspired to workout in my morning hours. It is amazing how a few minutes of consistent exercise gives me that energy to live out my day in a healthy confident way! Remember health is wealth:)

 If we are not growing for the best then we are dying and settling for less. Therefore, my routine includes things that build my faith like prayer, reading and journaling. I love to maximize my time by listening to faith building messages while working out. Prayer is my connection to God. Remember God is so much bigger than our circumstances! I know I mention this alot but journaling allows clutter a path to move out and gives access for clarity to move in. This routine does  not take take a long time to accomplish, it just requires desire, discipline and will power to change.

Your routine may look different than mine but I encourage you to just take action now. Set goals and work hard towards achieving those goals while managing distractions. I truly feel nothing in our life changes until we change first.

As always, thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

Ralph Lauren raceback leather dress
Jimmy Choo sandals
Coach carriage handbag

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a wonderful week! There is something truly amazing about having a positive attitude. Life and its circumstances will always change but a positive attitude must remain the same. When you override undeserving emotions and replace it with the discpline to have a positive outlook then the world just seems to respond back. Basically you get what you give! Even if you don't get back positive reactions you still must keep blessing the world with your positive attitude and actions. The Bible says," it is always better to give than to receive." giving positive vibes even when it is not received will take your life of positivity to an entire different level. The level at which God gives to us as undeserving believers.

Now, is it easy to have a positive attitude? No, but it is essential.  It takes daily work and you have to push through. .... sometimes through the hurt. However, God can strengthen us to do all things!

Well, I am off to speak to a room full of parents embarking on a new journey  with their children. I pray that you have a blessed day and thank you so much for your kind words and support!

God bless

Michael Kors dress& sandals
Coach wallet

Monday, August 13, 2018


Happy Monday! I pray that you had a beautiful weekend. Mondays are great days to make major moves! It is that time of the week where you get things off to a fresh and hopefully fast start. My blog is centered around three main points FAITH, FASHION, and FINANCES. Therefore, today is about how you can make Monday Moves in those three areas.

FAITH! It only takes 5 minutes to begin your faith journey. You can read, journal or listen to faith building messages. Just get it in so you can win! Life outside of your home can be cruel but with faith you be assured that you can conquer anything.

FASHION! Keep it simple. Today's look was achieved with simple and classic basics! If you add a blazer then it instantly becomes a sophiscated casual look.  Either way just keep it simple, start with the basics and allow your creativity to build from there

FINANCES! Make one positive money move today that may influence your financial situation tomorrow. For example, set short term and long term financial goals and develop an action plan to achieve it. It is amazing how with desire words on paper can transform you.

As you can see, it does not require much to make Monday moves. ..just a positive attitude, a plan and commitment to make it happen. Thank you for reading and have a blessed new week!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018


Happy new day! I pray you are having an amazing week! My top fashion items are heels. I wear heels almost everywhere except for the beach and when I work out. Well, like anything that you invest time and resources into there must be checks and balances. If not, it can lead to a situation that is out of control.  My shoe collection has been getting so big that I was adding more shelving into my closet. After realizing I was wearing more than I could possibly enjoy I decided to take a minimalist approach. Basically the same approach I apply to my clothing which is to not be wasteful with the things I am blessed with. This all led to a few shoe rules:

1) If I am not  grabbing to wear it consistently then I remove it from my closet. I know we live in a world that says more equals more. However, I do believe you can have more with less and still be best dressed:)

2) I only purchase a shoe if it will compliment my current wardrobe. There is no room for impulse buying with this rule. It requires that I put careful thought and time into what shoes I add to my collection.  ..and no more purchasing shoes for a future special occasion. Why? Glad you asked:) Everyday is a special occasion for me even going to the grocery store with my fancy heels!

3) I properly store and care for my shoes. This rule is so imperative to extending the life of my shoes. I always research how to care for my shoes before wearing and after.  Anything out of my control I entrust a skilled cobbler to handle. I have found it has been helpful to resole before I even start wearing my more expensive heels. This process in the long term saves me money and time.

This journey is a work in process and I am pretty sure I will incorporate other rules. I am just grateful I realized I needed to make a change before my space became cluttered. I am sticking to what I said at the beginning 2018., "a clutteted space creates a cluttered thought life." Once clutter goes out clarity has space to move in. We all know having a clear and concise thoughtlife is everything!

As always, thank you for your love and support! Have a blessed day!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018


Happy Thursday! I pray you are having an awesome week! I can not believe we are almost at the end of summer. It is just evidence of how fast time flies and what we do with that time really matters. If you have set goals for yourself for 2018 then I encourage you to fight for those goals because the time is NOW! Remember small steps are better than no steps at all. In a world full of competition remember do not compare. You can never compare yourself or your journey to anyone because we each have something unique that God created in us.

Remember, one of the biggest distractions can be focusing on the time that has passed. Especially if that time has not been pleasant. However, what is more important than the time you may have lost is giving gratitude for the time you have left to live out your goals and purpose in life. ...and to do it with love. I remember reading in the greatest success book written ever to, "let love be your greatest aim." I just believe when you truly love God you will know how to live a purposeful life loving others.

Last, never ever give up! I'm pretty sure every great leader had a reason to give up but their purpose to keep going was even bigger. Therefore, I encourage you to find your purpose. When you find it I can promise you will fight through anything to achieve it. Will it be easy? ...probably not? However, God equips us with what we need to complete our journey!
Therefore, believe it then seize it!

As always, thank you for your love and support. Have a blessed weekend!


Ralph Lauren top & purse
Antonio Melani skirt

Monday, August 6, 2018


 Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am so excited about this week. I plan to become more intentional about my prayer life and deepening my connection with God. I often get asked, "whats the key to a long and successful marriage?"  My response is always constant loving communication. Our spiritual life needs that type of communication as well. Therefore, my prayers and meditation has become that bridge that connects me to building a strong relationship with God.

I noticed that last week I wore three black dresses.  Seriously, I can minimize my closet wardrobe to only one of these dresses because each serve the same purpose for me and most importantly my wardrobe items can always be worn season to season. I am currently satisfied, value and love my minimal collection of black dresses.  I have become more intentional about wearing everything in my closet so I know I will continue getting a lot of wears out of these black dresses.

Have a blessed new week and thank you so much for stopping by!

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Friday, August 3, 2018


1 state lace up dress... (sold here)

Nina metallic caged sandals..(similar Here)

Coach whiplash tote.. (similar sold Here)

Versace sunglasses. ...(sold Here)

Happy Friday! I pray you are having a wonderful week. I wanted to share a system you can use to allocate your money as a way to create financial peace. This system consists of three types of accounts that will simplify your financial journey and put you into position to weather any financial crisis or storm.

1. Everyday life account. This is where your salary or business income is deposited and it is mainly used to pay for everyday bills and expenses. Any extra will go towards funding the other two accounts. If there is no extra or you seem to be coming up short then I would suggest creating a spending plan/budget that you can live by. In addition, you may have to create ways to earn additional income.  Either way, this account should be fully funded and sufficient to meet everyday life expenses.

2. Emergency account. I think depending on who you ask you may get different answers as to how much should be in an emergency account. Basically, it depends on your lifestyle. However, the goal is to have enough to cover those unexpected expenses without having to use a credit card or fall victim to the debt trap. I have mentioned before that credit cards are fine if you can pay them off right away without incurring interest. When you pay interest to lenders you are taking away from your opportunity to earn interest and investing towards your financial independence.

3. Future Savings account. The remainder goes into this account once the everyday life account and the emergency account is fully funded. Again, the beholder determines how it is used. Mainly, it is a stock pile account for all the extra cash. It can be used to fund future investments in shares, businesses, or any future goals you may have.

Remember, the journey may not be easy but financial peace will make it all worth it.  Most importantly,  God has given us the tools we need to have peace in all areas of our life.

Have a blessed weekend! Thank you for reading!


Sunday, July 29, 2018


 French Connection dress (current season here)

  Coach scarf & wallet

  Tom Ford heels (similar for less Here)

Happy Sunday! I pray you had a beautiful week! I was a guest speaker at an event and I wore this little white dress. I am so glad I layered with a scarf because it was extremely cool inside of the building. I purchased this dress almost two years ago and it still gives me butterflies every time I wear it:) The quality is superb and the lace details adds a special eye catching touch to the overall look.  In terms of comfort it was an excellent choice to wear for the event.

My presentation was titled "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." It is very uncomfortable to grow but growth is imperative to living out a life of purpose. Our comforts can sometimes be the very excuse that keeps us from living the life we were designed to live. Basically, being comfortable requires little efforts which produces small results.

Many years ago, it was so uncomfortable to admit that my spiritual life was not in order. As a result of comfort, I was often not prepared when presented with life changing opportunities. However, no regrets because God always has a plan and purpose for using the bad situations to create good. That uncomfortable state led me to take action towards living a life of purpose. Once I got comfortable with being uncomfortable God was clearly able to show me what I needed to do to daily to make a permanent positive change in all areas of my life. More importantly I can now share those steps and truths with others. Remember, God promises an abundant life but not without uncomfortable efforts.

As always, thank you for reading and have a blessed new week!