Monday, January 29, 2018


Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago we experienced snow for a few hours then it melted very quickly:) Another event in life we can't control at all. There are things in life we have no control over so knowing how to identify those things and how to release control over those things is important to getting through life.

When you release those things that you have no control over and give to God it decreases your stress.  There are so many circumstances that are bigger than you and I. Therefore, the only solution is to entrust those things with a higher power. In the process, it gives you time to work on the things that you can control like your thought life, your attitude, and your habits.  This is why self-development is key to living your best life. When you self develop everyday it makes you more aware of you and your power.  It also brings awareness to the things you are powerless to do.

 The hardest part of not having control is timing.  When you give control to a higher power then things no longer happen according to your timing. It will happen according to God's timing. This is where faith comes in. Things will always change but faith must remain the same. Regardless of timing with faith you can endure all things and circumstances with love, peace, and joy.

 As always,  thank you for reading and I pray you have a wonderful new week

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