Monday, January 22, 2018


Happy Monday! There are so many distractions in the world today; therefore, the choice to simplify your life will help you to succeed in the areas you desire to grow in. Some of these things I've already covered in the first couple of weeks of January; however,  I just wanted to reinforce how simplifying  can get your year off to a fast and fresh start!

1.  Journal it all out! As mentioned in this post on Journaling Through it allows you to let all the things that are cluttering your thought life out. Therefore allowing a clear vision and inspiration space to come in.

2.  Have a clean and uncluttered space!  As mentioned before,something as small as  making your bed can have a huge impact on your day. Once you wake up and make up your bed  you've accomplished the first task of your day. Yaay! Now, a task this small will give you the confidence and confirmation that you're able to complete bigger tasks throughout the day. I just believe how you do some things is how you do everything!

3.  Minimize your choices ! When you organize your closet and become intentional about the items you place in your closet it will help to reduce the time it takes to get dress. Basically it  takes the thought process out and give you more time to focus on important things like your goals and dreams.

4.  Just focus! When it comes to accomplishing your goals and dreams you have to focus. When  you have too many things to focus on sometimes that paralyzes you and you're not able to get anything done. Therefore taking one goal at a time and accomplishing that goal builds momentum and the confidence needed to continue accomplishing the next goal.

5.  Define yourself by your own truths of who you are and the amazing person that God created you to be! It's too much complication to live by your truths and the truths of others. Not to mention a huge distraction!! When you've already defined who you are and where you're going in life you never have to worry about proving that to anyone.  You can live your life out fully and according to God's purpose for your life.

 As always,  thank you for reading and I pray that you have a blessed new week!

Vince Camuto off shoulder
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  1. I love this outfit!!! And the tips! Also it's nice to meet another blogger that loves fashion and finance <3

  2. These are great tips. Having a clean space is so helpful. Have a wonderful week ahead, Tiff.

    Nina's Style Blog

    1. Thanks Nina! Yes a clean space is key. Have a great week!

  3. You are so cute !
    it's such a great idea.

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