Sunday, February 25, 2018


Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great week. We experienced summer in February this past week:) I was able to wear my summer pieces and it gave me an opportunity to evaluate my spring/summer wardrobe before the permanent heat arrives. Now, I can start the new season with a fresh and fast start! I guess I would call this week a summer blessing filled with lessons.

The first lesson is to prepare in advance. Therefore, I won't be restricted to making impulse buys during the warmer season. I've learned from experience that  non intentional shopping will always create items that doesn't agree with your personal style and takes up space in your closet. ...and in the long run cost you more money.

Next lesson was to let go. There were a few items I was holding on to. However, I knew I would not wear those items anymore so it was best to remove it from my wardrobe. Therefore creating space for the items I would value more and utilize fully.

I also learned to create space for new items that I truly loved and represented my personal style philosophy into my closet. Now, I know that seems weird to say clothing you truly love. However, if my clothing doesn't match the happiness I feel inside then I am not inclined to purchase it. Therefore, that's why I stay clear of too many trends because trends are temporary and my love and happiness is permanent!

Last, I am grateful I was able to update my shoe collection. I wear heels daily and a few of them I took for repair to the cobbler. Therefore, I'm glad I took the time to evaluate each one for sole and heel cap repair. I was also gifted some new shoes from my hubby this month and that was another plus. I normally buy clothing that will last for a long period of time and will transition from season to season. Therefore, my shoe collection is always a fresh way to update and create different looks with items I already have.

I thank God for the lessons! Thank you for reading and have a blessed new week!

Antonio Melani dress...... similar sold in black here


  1. That's a beautiful dress! I love how you have organised your wardrobe for the upcoming season too! :) I'm looking forward to opening all my boxes of winter things and doing another declutter with them! Just have to wait for the weather to cool down first, ha!

    Hope you are have had a great weekend. We had a quiet one with all the wet weather! Sadly the cold didn't stay!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hi Mica! Thank you! I'm glad to hear you are back to sun and fun:) Happy New week!

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