Sunday, March 25, 2018


Happy Sunday! I pray you had a beautiful week! A new season has arrived and it is a great time to tidy up any areas you desire to change. I wanted to share a few ways over this new season on how to clean up your finances. Basically whatever season you are in it's always a great time to clean!

A starting point is evaluating your income. If a significant portion of your income is going towards debt or bills and nothing is left to save then that is a clear indication of living above your means. Now, after paying your bills if you have extra money then that is awesome! However, if that extra minus some entertainment is not saved then that is also living above your means. The seasons are always changing so when you live at your level you position yourself to weather any situation or season. You also position yourself to help others because it is always a blessing to give.

 When you do not live at your level it puts you in a position where you are enslaved to your financial situation. Therefore, financial freedom is when you make money work for you based on following a proven financial system for success. This happens by evaluating what income you have and whether it is enough or you need to accumulate more. Remember how you do the little things is how you do everything. Therefore, more money in most cases doesn't solve the problem. It is what you do what the more or whatever you are blessed to have that leads to a financial breakthrough.

Have a blessed new week! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. These are good tips! It's so important to save and try not to live paycheck to paycheck, especially if you want more financial freedom later. I've been lucky to be able to save a little from each paycheck and it comes in so helpful, for so many things!

    Hope you had a nice weekend :) We had the little one's birthday party so that was a lot of fun! Good way to end a busy week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Absolutely right Mica!! Every amount saved leads to a big impact on our financial future. I pray your sweet baby had a blast. Have a blessed week

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous hun!
    kisses from the sandpit ♡