Friday, April 27, 2018


Happy Friday! I pray you're having a wonderful week!  I remember at a very young age having to take naps.  Most times I was not sleepy; however, it was still considered quiet time.  There was no talking, playing,  or any sort of noise  for at least a hour or so.  I really didn't understand the value in quiet time at that age and how it played a role in shaping my life.

As I got older, there was no time for quiet time.  Well , I guess there was time I just didn't see the importance in doing it.   Until a point in my life where I knew I urgently needed and desired clarity and purpose. Therefore I had to go back to the basics and implement quiet time into my life.   I'm so grateful that now quiet time  is an intentional and a permanent part of my life.  It's a special time to spend with God.   I always leave my quiet time better than the way I entered. ...with a fresh perspective on God's plan and purpose for my life.


 It is so helpful to have a space dedicated just for quiet time.   It doesn't matter where it is. It just needs to be a space that is disconnected from everything so you are able to connect to all things.


 As mentioned here,  journaling your thoughts is an important step in decluttering your thought life.  It connects you to your thoughts on a deeper level.  It is equally important to journal during quiet time.  What you write down can we used to hold you accountable to your actions outside of your quiet space.


Whatever has your ear has your destiny.  Therefore it is imperative to have quiet time to make sure you are hearing and focusing on what's important in life. The loudest voice in your ear should be the voice of truth which can be heard when you focus on it in silence. The greatest success book written ever says only focus on those things that are good, noble, and praiseworthy.  That is what quiet time allowed me to do as a child and even today! Remember whatever you focus on or give attention to will grow.

 Thank you for reading and have a blessed weekend!!

Dress: French Connection color block dress.....(current season on sale here)
Heels: Michael Kors leather crop strap sandals.... (similar here)
Handbag: Ralph Lauren


  1. I really could use all these tips!.. thanks for sharing

    Lesley Kim

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  2. I like your neutral outfit, and these are great tips! I have been trying to get a little quiet time for bible reading through my days but I think having a dedicated time would be a better idea, like a dedicated nap time! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far! :) Yesterday was a productive day for me, hoping for a relaxing day today.

    Away From The Blue Blog