Sunday, June 24, 2018


Happy Sunday! I pray you had a wonderful week! It is awesome when you have things in place that can simplify your life. This is exactly what having a sleeveless jumpsuit in my wardrobe does for me. It is lightweight and super easy to put on. I also like that you can add accessories and off you go:).

When it comes to my daily life, keeping God and his promises in my heart makes my days simple. Now, I didn't say easy because anything great comes with much effort and work. ...just simple! Life comes with many tests and trials. However, knowing it is all a temporary test of trust makes the process so simple. The Bible says, " the Lord gives perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and trust in him." Therefore in all circumstances focus on honoring and trusting God and the trade off is perfect peace.

My greatest example of perfect peace is Jesus. I remember reading about Jesus performing miracles and his life was under attacked as a result of it. After escaping danger Jesus did not reduce to a state of fear. He rose to a level of fearless urgency and kept honoring God by  fulfilling the needs of the people. Basically, he never stopped trusting and leading from the front line regardless of the situation! I'm so grateful for the same opportunity to walk in his truth. In addition, the opportunity  to keep it simple by receiving and sharing perfect peace every day and in all circumstances.

As always, thank you for reading! Have a blessed new week!

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Sunday, June 17, 2018


Happy Sunday! I pray you had a beautiful and productive week. On this particular day,  I went to a community event and I connected with some awesome new people.  I believe at least one or two new relationships will be formed from that event. New relationships are definitely important because it allows us to connect with others outside of our comfort zone. Ultimately, with the purpose of forming new relationships that are in line with God's purpose and plan for our life. However, in my opinion holding tight to past relationships are equally important as well and it's always a great day to reconcile a broken one.

There was a time when I would have easily made excuses and given up on failed relationship with others. Those excuses  prevented me from allowing God to use me for his will. The Bible says,  " to understand love you must realize that Christ gave his life for us and we must give up our lives for other believers." This resonated in my spirit and how I am led to deal with and reconcile broken relationships. I realized that sometimes I have to give up on what I feel about the situation and give into what God desires to resolve it.

In conclusion, reconciliation like everything else in this world requires pray, effort and hard work. ...and not avoidance:) The result of it all is you uphold the position as a peace maker for God. Is this process easy? ...definitely not but loving and getting along with the deserving as well as the undeserving is spiritual maturity!

As always, thank you for reading and have a blessed new week.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018


 Happy Sunday! I pray you had a beautiful weekend! The most important decision we can make each morning is to live out our day in the most positive and loving way. If this decision is not made then various situations throughout the day will control you instead of you controlling it. It's inevitable that things will always try to distract you but it can never defeat you. Most often people lose the battle of joy during unfortunate situations because:

1. Constantly worrying if anything could have been done to change the situation! Well most things that happen in life we have no control over preventing just control over how we proceed through it. In addition, worrying about the past causes stress. I just believe if you know how to stress then you know how to focus on having a more positive motivating present life. Instead of focusing on a constant state of worry remain in a constant state of positive thoughts and actions.

2.  LOW FAITH!  That's why is so important to build your faith everyday while things are going well for you. Therefore when situations arise that attack your joy it won't be strong enough to  take the very thing you need to survive which is your internal strength. 

3. Last they don't believe that the situation will end.  They get hung up on how long they are going through it verses focusing on the main point that with faith they will get through it. I believe there's an end to all unpleasant situations and there's a limit on the time that God will allow things to happen. The greatest success book written ever says "for when I am weak then I am strong."  Therefore you are equipped to overcome any situation and have joy in the process!

 Remember that joy is real and happiness will always heal. Thank you as always for your support and have a wonderful new week ahead!

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Sunday, June 3, 2018


Happy Sunday! I pray you had a wonderful weekend.  I wore this outfit to brunch with some of my sisters in Christ from Bible study.  We take a four month break from our studies every summer then we assemble back together from September to May of the following year.  Therefore, I don't have time to read any other books outside of the Bible until my summer months. Our summer gatherings are so special because it is a time to share what we are doing with our free time and how we are upholding our commitments to stay in God's word daily. Most importantly it is a time to encourage each other to remain in faith!

My favorite way to wear this white skirt is with my white blazer and a camisole top. However, due to the extreme warm weather and humid days I've been pairing it with my sleeveless no fuss tops.  I love this top because it gives a hint of shoulder and the ruffles layer the outfit in a soft feminine way. ...also this bag has been my pop of color for the past two summers and it compliments my summer looks perfectly.

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed new week

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